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VGB-Standards also available as e-books - digital know-how at your fingertips

VGB-Standards are now available as download e-books in the VGB online shop, i. e. much faster access to the desired VGB-Standard. [more...]

VGB Annual Report 2013/2014

The new edition is available for download now[more...]

VGB Conference "Generation in Competition 2015"

21/22 April 2015 in Berlin/Germany
Paper submission is open now. The deadline for submitting proposed lectures is 21 November 2014. [more...]

VGB Conference "Gas Turbines and Operation of Gas Turbines 2015"

6/7 May 2015 in Lübeck/Germany
Paper submission is open now. The deadline for submitting proposed lectures is 8 December 2014. [more...]

VGB Conference "EUROCOALASH 2014"

14/15 October 2014 in Munich/Germany
Mark the date! [more...]

VGB Conference "Chemistry in Power Plants 2014" with technical exhibition

October 29/30, 2014 in Linz/Austria
Conference programme is available for download! [more...]

VGB-Workshop "IT-Security in Power Generation"

26 November 2014 in Essen/Germany
Mark the date! [more...]

VGB PowerTech Journal 9/2014

Main topic of the September issue of the technical journal VGB PowerTech:

  • VGB Congress Power Plants 2014
  • Renewables and Distributed generation
  • Hydropower in the UK
  • Performance checks of new wind parks
  • Utilisation of biomass
  • Combustion optimisation of a steam generatorfiring

and further news from industry, development and research [more...]

VGB PowerTech -
The Top Technical Journal of Power and Heat Generation Technology


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New Publications

  • Fire and Explosion Protection in Biomass Power Plants - VGB-S-018-00-2013-12-EN[more...]
  • IT Security for Generating Plants - VGB-S-175-00-2014-04-EN[more...]
  • Inspection and Testing of Large Forgings and Castings for Steam and Gas Turbine Generator Sets - VGB-S-504-00-2013-12-EN[more...]
  • RDS-PP® Application Guideline Part 32: Wind Power Plants - VGB-S-823-32-2014-03-EN-DE[more...]
  • Oil system cleaning for gas and steam turbine plants - VGB-S-030-00-2013-06-EN[more...]
  • VGB-TW104 - Reliability Indicators with KISSY (VGB Research Project 361) [more...]
  • Civil Engineering in Nuclear Power Plants - VGB-S-026-00-2013-04-EN [more...]

Amendment sheet

  • VGB-B101e Letter Codes for Power Plant Systems (System Key)
    Amendment sheet c (2014-05) [more...]
  • VGB-B103e Designation codes for document kind classification codes in power plants (DCC key)
    Amendment sheet a (2014-05) [more...]
  • VGB-S-891-00-2012-06-DE-EN - VGB Abbreviationcatalogue for power plant technology
    Amendment sheet - a (2014-05) [more...]