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New Board Chairman of VGB PowerTech e.V.

Dr. Bernhard Fischer hands over the office of Chairman to Dr. Hans Bünting [more...]

VGB Congress 2017

The VGB CONGRESS 2017 with its new motto Generation in Competition will take place in the Congress Centre West at Messe Essen, Germany, 13/14 September 2017. The goal of the congress is to discuss the joint action of renewable and conventional power generation within the rapid change of the energy markets in Germany and Europe.
Please, mark the date already now! [more...]

VGB Conference "Gas Turbines and Operation of Gas Turbines"

7/8 June 2017, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Paper submission is open now. The deadline for submitting proposed lectures is 26 November 2016. [more...]

Current operating results of German nuclear power plants for July 2016

are available for download now. [more...]

VGB Seminar "Water Treatment and Chemistry in Power Plants"

4 - 6 October 2016 in Essen, Germany [more...]

VGB Conference "Chemistry in Power Plants 2016" with Technical Exhibition

26/27 October 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany [more...]

VGB Conference "Thermal Waste Utilization and Fluidized Bed Firing Systems 2016" with Technical Exhibition

15/16 November 2016 in Berlin, Germany [more...]

VGB PowerTech Journal 9/2016

Text?Free excerpt

Look at the VGB POWERTECH Journal and download selected papers from the latest September issue free of charge:

  • The economic situation of large hydropower in Bavaria: Increasing burdens but dwindling revenues
    (Klaus Engels, Carsten Gollum, Karl Heinz Gruber, Frank Pöhler and Albrecht Schleich)[more...]
  • Condition monitoring for a large fleet of wind turbines (David Futter) [more...]

Main topic of the September issue:

  • VGB Congress Power Plants 2016
  • Renewables and Distributed generation
  • Economics of large hydropower
  • Condition monitoring for wind turbines
  • Industrial fuel cell power plant
  • Flexibility by boiler optimisation

and further news from industry, development and research [more...]

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New Publications

  • Recommendations for the Inspection and Overhaul of Steam Turbines - VGB-S-115-00-2016-01-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Exclusion of foreign material ingress into opened systems/components of nuclear power plants - VGB-S-120-00-2016-02-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Quality requirements for mineral oils in power transformers - VGB-S-169-11-2015-11-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Operational safety in electrotechnology - VGB-S-163-00-2015-07-EN-eBook [more...]
  • Compendium “Best Practices for Coal-Based Power Plants in Germany” - VGB-B032-eBook [more...]
  • RDS-PP – Application Guideline Part 01: Power Plants, General - VGB-S-823-01-2015-09-EN-DE [more...]

Amendment sheet

  • VGB-B103d+e Designation codes for document kind classification codes in power plants (DCC key)
    Amendment sheet a (2015-03)
  • VGB-B101e Reference Designation System for Power Plants RDS-PP Letter Codes for Power Plant Systems (System Key)
    Amendment sheet c (2015-03) [more...]
  • All amendment sheets at a glance! [more...]