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  • Strengthened cooperation on hydropower

    EURELECTRIC and VGB strengthening hydropower cooperation in Europe

Statement on the adoption of the BAT conclusions of LCP BREF by the Article 75 Forum in accordance with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)

The European requirements for emissions from power plants were adopted today by the member states in the context of the LCP-BREF (Large Combustion Plants - Best Available Techniques Reference Document) revision process, at the proposal of the EU Commission.


Time for redesign - VGB PowerTech's homepage shows its new look

Time for a redesign – VGB PowerTech’s homepage shows its new look

VGB PowerTech presents its new homepage on the internet. The redesign of vgb.org provides:

  • a dynamical design with visual elements,
  • increased options for news,
  • a clearly separated presentation of up-to-date VGB events.

The new homepage offers:

  • the well-proven navigation based on the six menu items plus the member access to “myVGB” and our powerful search engine,
  • dynamic sliders with the most important news,
  • more frequently changing news and selected industry news from the VGB PowerTech Journal coming soon,
  • all up-to-date VGB events with expressive pictures and focus,
  • enhanced information on new publications of the VGB publishing house,
  • a compact presentation of the advantages of the VGB membership,
  • our competence areas with direct links to the VGB technical committees.

Two icons accompany you on the right side of the screen, leading with one click to the VGB Newsletter and the VGB Online shop.

Test the new homepage also on your smartphone or tablet!

VGB Quality Award 2017: Proposals Welcome

Quality Award

The «VGB Quality Award» is a VGB PowerTech initiative to increase the awareness for the commercial value of quality and to highlight examples of suppliers who have delivered extraordinary quality in services and products. The «VGB Quality Award» has been extended and is now covering all electricity and heat generation technologies: hydro, wind energy, biomass, biogas, nuclear, oil-, gas- and coal-fired power stations, as well as storage technologies, and all kind of projects: new build, refurbishment, maintenance, or decommissioning. Send your proposals for 2017 by 1 June at the latest!


Save-the-date: VGB announces Kickoff-Workshop about Energy Efficiency and Energy Management System ISO 50001

Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency is one of the pillars of the German and European Energy Transition. The execution of energy audits or the implementation of an energy management system according to ISO 50001 is placing a variety of questions and challenges to our members in the energy industry. VGB intends to tackle these issues in the future. In a kickoff-workshop we would like to discuss together with member representatives the general interest in this issue, relevance and priorities of key issues for a future exchange of experience and the way forward to implement this activity within VGB.


Call for Papers - Submit your lecture for the Conference Chemistry in Power Plants


The conference is a forum for operators of energy utilities and industrial power plants. Operating experience will be discussed and technical developments will be represented in the field of power plant chemistry. The conference will be accompanied by a Foyer Exhibition, which gives exhibitors the opportunity to present their companies and/or products.

Paper submission is open now. The deadline for submitting proposed lectures is 24 May 2017.


Ice Detection Systems for Wind Turbines: Field test and benchmark at wind park Stor-Rotliden

© EW Urseren WP 'Gütsch'

An optimized and efficient operation of wind parks under icing conditions has become a very important issue for the operators. Therefore in the new VGB research project 401, four blade-based ice detection systems (Weidmüller, Eologix, fos4x, Wölfel) have already been or will be installed and tested at the same wind turbine at the wind park Stor-Rotliden in Västerbotten, Sweden, during the winters 2016/17 and 2017/18. A detailed measurement program will be performed within this highly innovative research project, which is supervised by the VGB Technical Committee "Wind Energy".



  • Lisbon, Portugal

    Flue Gas Cleaning

    3/4 May 2017 Lisbon, Portugal

    Topics of the Workshop are the consideration of the energy efficiency and the effect of the flue gas condensation as well as the conversion into a wet stack. In addition, an insight view of lignite firing in the Balkan area is given.

  • Materials

    Materials and Quality Assurance

    18/19 May 2017 Maria Enzersdorf, Austria

    Aim of the workshop is to permit results of advanced materials and quality assurance aspects. The main topics are: Lifetime Assessment, Flexibility, Periodic Inspections; Materials and Components; Modern Welding Technologies Quality Assurance, Damages.

  • Sources: MediaTauron/http://media.tauron.pl

    Operating Experience with Fluidized Bed Firing Systems

    22 May 2017 Cracow, Poland

    In order to promote the exchange of experience between the plant operators this workshop is organized together with Tauron Wytwarzanie S.A., who is operating, among others, first in the world 460 MWe power unit with circulating fluidized-bed boiler with supercritical parameters.

  • Biomass Ash

    Biomass Ash

    29 May 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark

    The workshop will update on basic developments in regulations, especially based on the Circular Economy initiative, and research works. Regarding utilisation of biomass ash the workshop will focus the developments as or in fertilisers and will concentrate on examples in the North-European countries.

  • Gas Turbines

    Gas Turbines and Operation of Gas Turbines

    7/8 June 2017 Friedrichshafen, Germany

    The increasing share of power generation from renewable energy sources with high fluctuations requires gas turbines with a high part load efficiency and lower minimum performance comply with suitable reliability- and availability- requirements as well as reduced emissions for high load cycles and high load gradients.

  • Mercury Control 2017

    Mercury Control

    8/9 June 2017 in Berlin, Germany

    For mercury removal the operator of coal-fired power plants have a great challenge to meet the new emission limit values, which will become mandatory in the next years. Therefore, VGB offers a platform for an international exchange of ideas and experience.

  • Messe Essen

    VGB CONGRESS 2017 - Generation in Competition

    13/14 September 2017 Essen, Germany

    The goal of the VGB CONGRESS 2017 with its new motto Generation in Competition is to discuss the joint action of renewable and conventional power generation within the rapid change of the energy markets in Germany and Europe. Political and overall topics will be discussed in the plenary session on the first day.

New Publications


    PowerTech Journal 3/2017

    • Chemistry in power plants
    • Power plant and power plant fleet management
    • The value of flexibility for fossil-fired power plants
    • Ensure flexible operation of steam turbogenerators
    • On-line chemistry monitoring concept at ESKOM
    • Regeneration of SCR catalysts
    • BAT-associated emission levels for mercury

    and further news from industry, development and research

  • VGB-S-832-00-2016-04-DE-EN-ebook

    Document Designation for Energy Supply Units


    Documents should be quickly available for certain tasks. To achieve this, a designation of documents with identifying and classifying information is necessary. Essential parts of the designation of documents are statements about the object represented and the characteristic content of information.

  • Analysis of Unavailability of Thermal Power Plants 2006 – 2015

    Analysis of Unavailability of Power Plants


    The report provides information about weak points of equipment and power plant systems. VGB is analysing the annual unavailability (UA analysis) in order to identify the root causes, i.e. those systems causing unavailability to be able to upgrade such weak equipment.

  • Media Information 2017

    Media Information 2017

    The Media Information for the technical journal "VGB PowerTech" and other event-publications of VGB are now available for download.

  • Gas turbine

    Monitoring, limiting and protection devices on gas turbine systems


    Monitoring, limiting and protection devices must satisfy stringent requirements in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of gas turbine units. The revisied VGB-Standard aims at considering the state-of-the-art and the current codes of practice and ISO and VDMA standards. This standard applies to stationary gas turbines (single-shaft and multi-shaft turbines) used to drive generators and other machinery.

  • VGB-S-164-12-2016-10-DE-ebook

    Standards for professional leadership behaviourVe


    Rather than sharing generally known theories and fundamentals on leadership behaviour, the VGB-Standard VGB-S041 is meant to serve as a basis for operator-specific requirements for leadership behaviour and focus content-wise on essential tasks of managers in day-to-day business.

  • Amendment sheet

    Amendment sheets at a glance!

    The listed amendment sheets include all amendments regarding to the VGB-Standard. Its structure complies with the chapters of the VGB-Standard. It documents the amendments with naming the chapter number.

benefits for members

  • Provide an international platform for the exchange and transfer of technical know-how
  • Identify, raise and organisation of joint R&D activities
  • Offer technical services, engineering consulting and construction supervision
  • Guarantee access to a pool of expert knowledge
  • Generate technical and operational standardisation
  • Organise and offer training

Facts and Figures

466.000 MW
Installed Power

Competence areas

  • CC1_pikt_slide_alt

    Nuclear Power Plants

    The European nuclear power plants generate more than 30% of the electricity need. Thus the CO2 load of the atmosphere is reduced by over 900 Mio. tons (if replaced by coal fired power plants). VGB PowerTech and the committees of the department „Nuclear Power Plants“ are dealing with all issues concerning a safe and economical operation of NPPs.

  • CC2_pikt_slide_alt

    Power Plant Technologies

    The competence area “Power Plant Technologies” is the communications platform for all questions concerning the technology and operation of all power plant types, and covers all technical areas from boilers and turbines to I&C systems. The focus is on both short-term issues relating to daily operation and long-term, strategically oriented topics.

  • CC3_pikt_slide_alt

    Renewables and Distributed Generation

    The committees related to "Renewables and Distributed Generation" are dealing with all technical and economic issues concerning the use of renewables and decentralized generation technologies

  • Hydropower


    In Europe hydropower is not only an indispensable renewable source but it is still the frontrunner in renewable energy with an annual electricity production of more than 375 TWh, as approximately 41% of the renewable energy is based on hydropower. For more than 20 years an exchange of experience of the leading companies organized by VGB PowerTech is taking place on an expert level regarding technical, economical and stategic topics.

  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy

    The utilisation of wind power is playing an important role in order to meet the targets of the European Union within the Climate and Energy Package by 2020. By the end of 2016 the total installed capacity in the EU-28 amounted to 153,730 MW and worldwide to 486,749 MW. For more than 16 years an intensive exchange of information and experience to improve the efficient operation of wind power plants organized by VGB PowerTech is taking place. In this context, the requirements of the wind power plant operators are highlighted. The companies are mainly interested in cooperation to push forward standardisation (best practice) and to incorporate operator interest in the different user groups.

  • Biomass


    Power generation from biomass is a crucial part of transforming the global energy supply structure towards a sustainable energy future. Currently 167 TWh electricity and 855 TWh heat are generated from Biomass in Europe. Therefore Biomass has a share of 18.6% in renewable electricity generation and 87% in renewable heat generation. Since 2002 VGB has provided a growing platform for owners and operators of biomass power plants for sharing experience and knowledge at a high expertise level.

  • CC4_pikt_slide_alt

    Environmental Technology, Chemistry, Safety and Health

    The Competence Area „Environmental Technology, Chemistry, Safety and Health“ focuses on important general issues of power and heat generation. Its specialised committees offer the platform for the necessary exchange of experience and the forming of opinion of the branch for the respective specialists in the member companies

  • CC5_pikt_slide_alt

    Technical Services

    Technical services are an integral part of VGB PowerTech’s work. They are to be regarded as an enhancement to the services for our members and cover all aspects of engineering and operation in power plants. These services are used by members worldwide to achieve sustainably safe, fault-free and cost-effective operation