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VGB Congress 2016 – Programme published

Register for the VGB Congress “Power Plants 2016”.

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New report "Potential water sources for coal-fired power plants" from the IEA Clean Coal Centre

New report from the IEA Clean Coal Centre on alternative water supplies for coal fired power stations [more...]

Current operating results of German nuclear power plants for June 2016

are available for download now. [more...]

VGB Seminar "Water Treatment and Chemistry in Power Plants"

4 - 6 October 2016 in Essen, Germany [more...]

VGB Conference "Chemistry in Power Plants 2016" with Technical Exhibition

26/27 October 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany [more...]

VGB Conference "Thermal Waste Utilization and Fluidized Bed Firing Systems 2016" with Technical Exhibition

15/16 November 2016 in Berlin, Germany [more...]

VGB PowerTech Journal 8/2016

Text?Free excerpt

Look at the VGB POWERTECH Journal and download selected papers from the latest August issue free of charge:

  • Flexibility of industrial CHP plants – Analysis of future operation regimes
    (Steffen Kahlert, Hartmut Spliethoff, Christian Behnke, Rudolf Heß, Norbert Hönings and Christian Busch)[more...]
  • New generation of VGB Standards in civil engineering – An overview
    (Tomas Eck) [more...]

Main topic of the August issue:

  • Industrial and co-generation plants
  • Civil engineering
  • Optimisation of a de-superheater
  • Flexibility of industrial CHP plants
  • Digitalisation in the construction industry

and further news from industry, development and research [more...]

VGB PowerTech - The Top Technical Journal of Power and Heat Generation Technology


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New Publications

  • Recommendations for the Inspection and Overhaul of Steam Turbines - VGB-S-115-00-2016-01-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Exclusion of foreign material ingress into opened systems/components of nuclear power plants - VGB-S-120-00-2016-02-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Quality requirements for mineral oils in power transformers - VGB-S-169-11-2015-11-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Operational safety in electrotechnology - VGB-S-163-00-2015-07-EN-eBook [more...]
  • Compendium “Best Practices for Coal-Based Power Plants in Germany” - VGB-B032-eBook [more...]
  • RDS-PP – Application Guideline Part 01: Power Plants, General - VGB-S-823-01-2015-09-EN-DE [more...]

Amendment sheet

  • VGB-B103d+e Designation codes for document kind classification codes in power plants (DCC key)
    Amendment sheet a (2015-03)
  • VGB-B101e Reference Designation System for Power Plants RDS-PP Letter Codes for Power Plant Systems (System Key)
    Amendment sheet c (2015-03) [more...]
  • All amendment sheets at a glance! [more...]