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Pumped-storage hydro power plants are essential to enable integration of renewables into the European electricity system

The Scientific Advisory Board of VGB PowerTech examined the extraordinary technical and ecological potential of PSP. They noticed that PSPs are a reliable, efficient and highly flexible technology for storing large amounts of electricity for several hours on the one hand and for a longer time in the Alps and Scandinavia on the other hand. [more...]

Robust corrosion protection for offshore wind turbines

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) adopts joint standard from VGB PowerTech and the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) as a mandatory part of planning permission procedures. Offshore wind turbines are optimally protected, avoiding repairs and ensuring long life. [more...]

Technical competence centre for wind power at the NRW booth of WindEnergy

International association pools exchange of technical experience for wind energy. VGBs RDS-PP® and the Documentation Standard are important for efficient and cost-optimised operation of on- and offshore wind power plants.

VGB Safety & Health Award 2016 geht an Electricite de France

The award was granted for the excellent example of the EDF’s Transmission and System Engineering Center (EDF-CIST) how to develop a common and participative health and safety approach in order to avoid any accident in a construction site. [more...]

VGB Innovation Award 2016 awarded to Josef Langen (33)

The award was granted for the development of measuring systems for online measurement of fireside corrosion of evaporator walls.[more...]

Flexible thermal power plants – An Indian delegation study tour supported by VGB

A high-ranking delegation of representatives from India's Ministry of Energy, the Central Electricity Authority as well as different companies and institutions visited Germany from September 18 to 25, 2016. The visit to the VGB Congress “Power Plants 2016” was a highlight of the study tour. [more...]

Current operating results of German nuclear power plants for August 2016

are available for download now. [more...]

VGB Conference "Chemistry in Power Plants 2016" with Technical Exhibition

26/27 October 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany [more...]

VGB PowerTech Journal 10/2016

Text?Free excerpt

Look at the VGB POWERTECH Journal and download selected papers from the latest October issue free of charge:

  • Development and comparison of a central and decentral coordination approach for virtual energy storages
    (Leander Grunwald, Sebastian Ruthe and Christian Rehtanz)[more...]
  • Power System Restoration: Interactions between wind energy generators and thermal power plants
    (Holger Becker, Tobias Hennig, Alev Akbulut, Denis Mende and Lutz Hofmann) [more...]

Main topic of the October issue:

  • Electrical engineering
  • From base-load to flexible operation - An innovative operation approach for CCGT plants
  • Information security of electricity generation plants
  • Power system restoration
  • New Niederaußem block control room

and further news from industry, development and research [more...]

VGB PowerTech - The Top Technical Journal of Power and Heat Generation Technology

VGB Conference "Thermal Waste Utilization and Fluidized Bed Firing Systems 2016" with Technical Exhibition

15/16 November 2016 in Berlin, Germany [more...]

VGB Conference "Gas Turbines and Operation of Gas Turbines"

7/8 June 2017, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Paper submission is open now. The deadline for submitting proposed lectures is 26 November 2016. [more...]


13/14 September 2017, Essen, Germany
Paper submission is open now. The deadline for submitting proposed lectures is 16 December 2016. [more...]


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New Publications

  • Recommendations for the Inspection and Overhaul of Steam Turbines - VGB-S-115-00-2016-01-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Exclusion of foreign material ingress into opened systems/components of nuclear power plants - VGB-S-120-00-2016-02-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Quality requirements for mineral oils in power transformers - VGB-S-169-11-2015-11-EN-ebook [more...]
  • Operational safety in electrotechnology - VGB-S-163-00-2015-07-EN-eBook [more...]
  • Compendium “Best Practices for Coal-Based Power Plants in Germany” - VGB-B032-eBook [more...]
  • RDS-PP – Application Guideline Part 01: Power Plants, General - VGB-S-823-01-2015-09-EN-DE [more...]

Amendment sheet

  • VGB-B103d+e Designation codes for document kind classification codes in power plants (DCC key)
    Amendment sheet a (2015-03)
  • VGB-B101e Reference Designation System for Power Plants RDS-PP Letter Codes for Power Plant Systems (System Key)
    Amendment sheet c (2015-03) [more...]
  • All amendment sheets at a glance! [more...]