VGB PowerTech Journal - Annual Overview 2013

The technical journal VGB PowerTech is a competent and internationally accepted publication for power plant engineering. It appears with 11 bilingual issues (German/English) annually. VGB PowerTech informs with technical/scientific papers and up-to-date news on all important questions of electricity and heat generation.


VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 1-2/2013

Focal Points:
  • Is the "Energiewende" still financially viable?
  • What are the demands on future energy supply?
  • Heat storage systems in heat and power generation

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 3/2013

Focal Points:
  • Chemistry in power plants
  • Fukushima two years after the tsunami - the consequences worldwide

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 4/2013

Focal Points:
  • Service for power plants, maintenance, retrofit, strategies
  • Power plant management
  • Training and advanced training for power plant engineering

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 5/2013

Focal Points:
  • Nuclear power, nuclear power plants: operation and operating experience
  • Power plants and grids: integration and linking of power plants

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 6/2013

Focal Points:
  • Biomass co-combustion in electricity and heat generation
  • Electrical engineering, instrumentation and control, data bases
  • IT and IT-safety in power plant engineering

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 7/2013

Focal Points:
  • Power plants in competition
  • Civil engineering for power plants

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 8/2013

Focal Points:
  • Steam turbines and steam turbine operation
  • Operational safety and health protection, fire protection

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 9/2013

Focal Points:
  • Renewables and distributed generation:
    hydro power, wind power, photovoltaics, solar thermal power plants, biomass, geothermal energy

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 10/2013

Focal Points:
  • Furnaces, steam generators
  • Environmental engineering, flue gas cleaning
  • CCS: research and application, technology

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 11/2013

Focal Points:
  • Gas turbines, combined cycle power plants, block heating power plants
  • Co-generation: technology, concepts
  • New materials and experience with materials in power plant engineering

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 12/2013

Focal Points:
  • Turbulence in energy market - Energy management system helps to avoid rocks
  • Coal combustion products - A global perspective
  • SCNR technology for large combustion plants