VGB PowerTech Journal - Annual Overview 2014

The technical journal VGB PowerTech is a competent and internationally accepted publication for power plant engineering. It appears with 11 bilingual issues (German/English) annually. VGB PowerTech informs with technical/scientific papers and up-to-date news on all important questions of electricity and heat generation.

 VGB PowerTech Journal 12 (2014): VGB Congress 2014 - "Technical Leadership to Overcome Economic Challenges"

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 12/2014

Focal Points:
  • VGB Congress 2014 - "Technical Leadership to Overcome Economic Challenges"
  • Technologies and challenges for electricity production
  • Restructuring of power plant operator advanced training
  • Optical diagnostics for stationary gas turbines
  • Online monitoring for turbo generators
VGB PowerTech Journal 11 (2014): Fuel technology and furnaces

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 11/2014

Focal Points:
  • Research into co-combustion on European level
  • Extended coal range in power plants
  • Ceramic tile systems in circulated fluidised bed power stations
  • The Erding geothermal project
VGB PowerTech Journal 10 (2014): Steam Turbines and Steam Turbine Operation; Environmental Engineering: Flue Gas Cleaning

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 10/2014

Focal Points:
  • Steam turbine set Boxberg R
  • Maintenance intervals and strategies regarding highpressure valves
  • Varnish formation in turbine oil systems
  • Eskom‘s experience in wet flue gas desulphurisation

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 9/2014

Focal Points:
  • VGB Congress Power Plants 2014
  • Hydropower in the UK
  • Performance checks of new wind parks
  • Utilisation of biomass

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 8/2014

Focal Points:
  • Supply safety and system stability
  • Maintenance and life time forecast of civil structures
  • KISSY and performance indicators of wind turbines
  • Reduction of mercury emission

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 7/2014

Focal Points:
  • Requirements and operation of decentralised power plants
  • Industrial power plants: modernisation or replacement
  • Maintenance of gas-powered heat and power plants
  • Health and safety in the power industry

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 6/2014

Focal Points:
  • Maintenance and service, retrofit, power plant management
  • IT-aided planning and control of maintenance
  • Boiler inspection with partial replacement
  • Technical management requirements in the field of wind turbines

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 5/2014

Focal Points:
  • Nuclear Power Plants: Operation and Operating Experience
  • Operating experience with nuclear power plants 2013
  • The new generation of high-flexible combined cycle power plants

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 4/2014

Focal Points:
  • Power plants and grids
  • Offshore wind energy - status and perspectives
  • Opportunities for dual energy supply after 2020
  • Conversion and storage of electrical power

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 3/2014

Focal Points:
  • Chemistry in power plants
  • Enhancing the market flexibility of lignite-fired power plants
  • Advanced membrane systems for cooling tower water treatment

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 1-2/2014

Focal Points:
  • VGB Congress 2013: Security of Supply – From Challenges to Solutions (focus on technical papers)
  • Energy lab Germany – What needs to be done now
  • The German "Energiewende" from Central European perspective