VGB PowerTech Journal - Annual Overview 2018

The technical journal VGB PowerTech is a competent and internationally accepted publication for power plant engineering. It appears with 11 bilingual issues (German/English) annually. VGB PowerTech informs with technical/scientific papers and up-to-date news on all important questions of electricity and heat generation.

VGB PowerTech Journal 12/2018

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 12/2018

Focal Points:
  • VGB Congress 2018 - Power Generation in Transition
  • VGB Congress: Opening address
  • People first
  • Renewable substitute natural gas synthesis
  • Fuel transport in the feeding area of waste incineration plants
VGB PowerTech Journal 11/2018

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 11/2018

Focal Points:
  • Thermal generation
  • Flexibilisation
  • The future role of thermal electricity generation and storage
  • N2O-emissions from circulating fluidised bed plants
  • New water saving FGD technology in South Africa
VGB PowerTech Journal 10/2018

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 10/2018

Focal Points:
  • Environmental engineering
  • Power plant By-products
  • Biomass ash and options for utilisation
  • Use of wood ash for forest fertilisation
  • The H2020 Biofficiency project
  • Wind Energy in Germany and Europe Status, potentials and challenges
VGB PowerTech Journal 9/2018

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 9/2018

Focal Points:
  • Research & development
  • Renewables
  • Optimisation of electrostatic precipitators
  • Microbiological analyses of cooling water
  • Vibration analysis on a pump turbine
  • Design and assembly of a concrete solar collector
Issue 8/18 - Abstracts

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 8/2018

Focal Points:
  • VGB Congress 2018
  • Research & Development
  • HL-class gas turbines – the next level for efficiency and flexibility
  • New steam turbine technology
  • Research & development at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
  • The reactor-glass model of the Simulator Centre
Issue 7/18 - Abstracts

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 7/2018

Focal Points:
  • Maintenance
  • Data analysis of the results of ultrasonic inspections
  • Furnace tube life extension in biomass fired boilers
  • Optimised energy supply concepts
  • Economical storage systems
Issue 6/18 - Abstracts

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 6/2018

Focal Points:
  • Power plant operation
  • IT-security
  • New screw pump for high-pressure applications
  • Converting Coal to Biomass
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union
Issue 5/18 - Abstracts

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 5/2018

Focal Points:
  • Nuclear power and nuclear power plant operation
  • The unnoticed loss of carbon-free generation in the United States
  • Optimal holistic disposal planning
  • 360 Degree area atlas in the Biblis nuclear power plant
  • Legal aspects with regard to IT security for KRITIS energy systems
Issue 4/18 - Abstracts

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 4/2018

Focal Points:
  • Hydropower
  • Big data in power generation
  • New hydroelectric facility in Romanche-Gavet
  • State space controller
  • Scenarios and forecasts on the development of world energy supply
  • Innovative water wheel
Issue 3/18 - Abstracts

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 3/2018

Focal Points:
  • Chemistry in power plants
  • IT safety in power generation
  • Storage technologies (power-to-gas, batteries, pumped storage, etc.)
  • Research programme for reduction of Hg emissions at RWE Power
  • Sulfite control of WFGD systems to reduce Hg emissions
  • Implementing state of the art information security provisions
  • Aluminium electrolysis as a power storage
Issue 1-2/18 - Abstracts

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 1-2/2018

Focal Points:
  • Power plant operation
  • Turkey’s energy future
  • Optimized CO2 capture technology
  • IT security catalogue
  • Compressed air energy storage combined cycle
  • Laser-Multi-Pass-Narrow-Gap Welding
  • Implementation of the 42nd BImSchV
  • Reform of the German “Energiewende”
  • Quality and quantity of steam and condensate flows