VGB PowerTech Journal - Annual Overview 2019

The technical journal VGB PowerTech is a competent and internationally accepted publication for power plant engineering. It appears with 11 bilingual issues (German/English) annually. VGB PowerTech informs with technical/scientific papers and up-to-date news on all important questions of electricity and heat generation.

VGB PowerTech Journal 8/2019

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 8/2019

Focal Points:
  • VGB Congress 2019
  • Innovation in Power Generation
  • Perspective development of electricity generation in Europe
  • Transformation of the German energy system
  • Hydropower
  • AI diagnosis for maintenance teams
VGB PowerTech Journal 7/2019

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 7/2019

Focal Points:
  • Hydropower plants
  • Chemistry
  • Construction and operation of hydropower plant components
  • Farewell to coal – Expropriation or common good?
  • Heat exchangers in CHP plants
  • Use of biocides in power plants
VGB PowerTech Journal - Ausgabe 6/2019

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 6/2019

Focal Points:
  • Maintenance of power plants
  • Power grids, Flexibility
  • Intelligent condition analysis
  • Fast frequency changes and the behaviour of power plants
  • IEC 62443 – Industrial Security
  • Flexibility and renewable energies in district heating systems
VGB PowerTech Journal - Ausgabe 5/2019

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 5/2019

Focal Points:
  • Nuclear power and nuclear power plant operation
  • Resources and reserves for the global energy supply
  • Nuclear power plant flexibility at EDF
  • Targeting innovation at cost drivers
  • The German Quiver project
VGB PowerTech Journal 4/2019

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 4/2019

Focal Points:
  • Electrical engineering, instrumentation and control
  • IT safety
  • Power Generation 4.0 and the path to productivity
  • Optimising plant operation – digital ways to generate revenue with data
  • German grid code goes EU
VGB PowerTech Journal 3/2019

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 3/2019

Focal Points:
  • Chemistry in power plants
  • Autonomous operation of the DI-plant
  • A trial of film forming substances at Staythorpe power station
  • Turbidity measurement as trend monitor for particulate corrosion products
  • Audit according to § 8a BSI-act – obligation for operators of the wind industry?
VGB PowerTech Journal 1-2/2019

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 1-2/2019

Focal Points:
  • IT security
  • Research projects at RWE Power’s Coal Innovation Centre
  • Electricity-to-electricity storage systems at power plant sites
  • Sector coupling – Options and opportunities
  • The final countdown of the IT security catalogue