VGB PowerTech Journal - Annual Overview 2020

The technical journal VGB PowerTech is a competent and internationally accepted publication for power plant engineering. It appears with 11 bilingual issues (German/English) annually. VGB PowerTech informs with technical/scientific papers and up-to-date news on all important questions of electricity and heat generation.

VGB PowerTech Journal 4/2020

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 4/2020

Focal Points:
  • Maintenance in power generation
  • Innovative sector coupling and re-electrification
  • Steam turbine: regularly checked, safe in operation!
  • New methods for plant monitoring
  • Experience with the T24 steel in GKM
VGB PowerTech Journal 3/2020

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 3/2020

Focal Points:
  • Chemistry in power generation
  • Hydrogen as energy-carrier of the future?
  • How can combustionrelated problems impact water/steam quality?
  • Hot functional tests – passivation of a primary circuit
  • Combustion of solid recovered fuels
VGB PowerTech Journal 1-2/2020

VGB PowerTech Journal - Issue 1-2/2020

Focal Points:
  • VGB Congress 2019
  • Sector Coupling - buzzword or future of the energy supply
  • The project ALIGN-CCUS – A contribution to the evolutive transformation process of energy and raw material supply by recycling carbon
  • Leakage detection in power-plants based on passive acoustic imagining
  • 36C3 – more questions than answers