VGB Workshop "High Temperature Corrosion in Biomass Power Plants"

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Legislative prerequisites and economic pressure on the renewable energy market lead to an increased utilization of waste wood, agricultural and forestry by products in biomass power plants. These fuels have high chlorine and alkali contents thus corrosion reduction and avoidance of slagging and fouling are becoming more and more important.

The aim of this workshop is to present appropriate practical solutions for these challenges and to discuss potential improvements for firing as well as co-firing biomass, aside from lowering live steam temperature.

The workshop is amongst others addressing all persons responsible for supervision and planning of biomass power plants as well as those who are in charge of maintenance and operation. The programme will leave enough time for extensive discussions and answering your questions.

The workshop will highlight:
  • Basics
  • Damage mechanism
  • Operational experiences
  • Choosing the right fuel combination
  • Preventing corrosion by additives
  • How to monitor corrosion online