Power from biomass with its variety of ancillary services will be a main pillar in transforming the global energy supply structure towards a sustainable energy future, which is based on reliable, indigenous, non-polluting and competitive carbon-free generation.

In this context VGB has provided a growing platform for owners and operators of biomass power plants for sharing experience and knowledge at a high expertise level since 2002. This platform consists of the Technical Group “Biomass” and 33 additional working groups for different technical, operational and environmental topics. Currently about 30 experts are participating in VGB´s Technical Group “Biomass”.

As an international technical association for generation and storage of power and heat VGB PowerTech Ι Biomass is working in close co-operation with EURELECTRIC on European level. Within the framework of a memorandum of understanding VGB's professional competence is integrated into the political/strategic work of EURELECTRIC. Furthermore cooperation are established with the biomass technology panel of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating & Cooling (RHC) and with IEA Bioenergy Task 32.

Biomasse Grafik

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Our Mission

"VGB PowerTech Ι Biomass's aspiration is to be the united European voice of operators and first address for all stakeholders in technical and environmental issues.”

Our Objectives

  • Supporting our members in operational and maintenance business as well as in technical, environmental and strategic challenges
    • assisting to gain high levels of availability and reliability for their biomass power plant
    • developing new concepts to improve operational and maintenance management
    • supporting a cost-effective power plant life cycle and enhancing environmental compatibility of biomass power plants
    • developing best practice standards (VGB-Standards)
    • keeping highest standards of occupational health and operational safety
    • fostering exchange of knowledge and gaining new technical and operational achievements
  • Performing as the united European voice of the biomass power plant operators
    • being the key provider for technical and environmental input into policy, legislation and standardisation
    • preparing technical and environmental facts for recommendations and positions
  • Generating technical and operational standards
    • developing industry guidelines and best practice standards (VGB-Standards)
    • harmonization of technical standards
  • Offering a neutral platform to co-operate in the field of joint research
    • realising joint innovative, application-oriented research projects
    • cost sharing for all participating companies
  • Organising workshops and conferences
    • presentation of the state of technology and of future developments
    • exchange of operational experience