Future Energy System

The reduction of the environmental impact will play a decisive role in the energy supply of the future. The European Union has set the target to increase the share of renewables in total energy consumption to 20% by the year 2020, to 32% by 2030 and to over 55% by 2050. These targets have been incorporated in the national action plans of the member states, and implementation of the corresponding measures is being monitored on a continuous basis.

Together with hydro power and biomass, the use of variable renewable energy (VRE) such as wind energy and photovoltaics will form the main pillars of the energy supply. An efficient system integration of VRE requires a high level of flexibility. This flexibility can be provided by dispatchable generation as well as storage and sector coupling solutions.

Moreover, distributed generation becomes an important component of the future energy system. The complexity of decentralized energy supply consisting of “security of supply – environmental protection - economic efficiency” has to be taken into account in a holistic way.

In this context we address all options from optimisation of conventional power plants, perfecting of system integration of renewables and aiming for a smart use of all energies in industry and cities.

As an international technical association for energy plant operators VGB PowerTech Ι FES is working with several national associations and in close co-operation with eurelectric on European level.


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Current topics and activities

  • Flexibility in energy system: dispatchable generation, operational flexibility, storage, Power to X, Demand-side Management
  • Hybrid concepts, e.g. combination of conventional and renewable generation, biomass with carbon capture and utilization, power plants with energy storage: power storage, heat storage, storage integration
  • Digitalisation as well as energy efficiency and savings
  • Follow legislation and regulations
  • Initiating and managing of factsheets and databases for future technologies
  • Enhanced cooperation with eurelectric, EnergieAgentur.NRW, AGFW, IN4climate.NRW and contact to other regional, national and international associations
  • Initiate and manage Bachelor / Master theses on relevant topics to gather knowledge – as a starting point for further activities (e.g. joint R&D or data base)

Our mission

The aim of VGB PowerTech Ι FES provides an interest and communication platform for companies committed to the promotion, implementation and operation of future energy technologies, to act as a contact point for all those involved in techno-economic, ecological and strategic issues and to act as a hub for the energy community.

Our goals

Explore technical opportunities for new business activities in support of Europe’s decarbonisation pathways:

  • Security of energy supply
  • Contribution to system stability
  • Efficient system integration
  • Energy and cost efficiency
  • Enhanced sector coupling
  • Supporting schemes for hybrid concepts
  • Transparency of state of technology and future developments