Hydro Power

In Europe hydropower is still the frontrunner in renewable energy with an annual electricity production of more than 375 TWh. Hydropower with its base-load generation profile and its variety of ancillary services will be a main pillar in transforming the global energy supply structure towards a sustainable energy future, which is based on reliable, indigenous, non-polluting and competitive carbon-free generation. Thus, Hydropower remains an indispensable renewable energy that has to be boosted within the scope of ambitious energy and climate policy.

In this context, VGB PowerTech Ι Hydro has provided a growing platform for hydropower operators and equipment manufacturers to share experience and knowledge at a high expertise level since 2000. This platform includes a Strategic Forum, a Technical Committee and six permanent Technical Groups for different technical, operational and environmental topics and for energy policy aspects. Additional groups can be activated on demand. Currently, more than 100 experts are participating in VGB hydropower committees.

As an international technical association for generation and storage of power and heat VGB PowerTech Ι Hydro is working with several national associations and in close co-operation with EURELECTRIC on European level. Within the framework of a memorandum of understanding agreement with EURELECTRIC VGB with its professional competence and as representative of its members is integrated into the political/strategical work on EU level in all questions regarding the generation of power and heat.


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Current topics and activities

  • Impact of the implementation of the EU-Water Framework Directive
  • Coordination of research projects and monitoring of guidelines for fish passes
    (Only available for VGB members!)
  • Development of a quality strategy for main components
    (Only available for VGB members!)
  • Development of maintenance strategies for hydroelectric generating sets and weirs to define a minimum standard for fish protection
    (Only available for VGB members!)
  • Guideline for remote controlled operation and IT security
  • Clarification and description of the operator´s responsibility up to the take over
  • Preparation of the workshop “Oil for hydro power plants”

Our mission

VGB PowerTech Ι Hydro the first address in technical, environmental and strategic issues for hydropower operators and hydropower equipment manufacturers / suppliers and functions as the collective European information platform and key representative for the hydropower community.”

Our objectives

  • supporting our members in operation, maintenance and plant optimization as well as in technical, environmental and strategic challenges
    • running improving the availability, reliability and plant safety for hydropower plants
    • supporting a cost-effective durability and environmental management of hydropower plants
    • developing new concepts to improve operation and maintenance
    • establishing safety standards
    • extending the exchange of experience in engineering and operation

  • performing as the collective European platform for the hydropower community
    • editing and providing of facts regarding positions and references
    • inserting positions into European and national regulatory frameworks

  • generating technical and operational standards
    • compiling practice-oriented VGB-standards considering experience of operators
    • co-creating international technical standards

  • initiating and coordinating national and international research projects
    • establishing and exchanging know-how
    • saving expenses by joint research projects
    • having access to international grants

  • organising events
    • presentation of the state of technology and of future developments
    • direct exchange of experience with experts at issue-specific professional events