Wind Energy

The utilisation of wind power is playing an important role in order to meet the targets of the European Union within the Climate and Energy Package by 2020. Wind power will be the main pillar in transforming the global energy supply structure towards a sustainable energy future.

In this context, VGB PowerTech ι Wind has provided a growing platform for owners and operators of wind power plants for sharing experience and knowledge at a high expertise level since 2001.

This platform includes a Strategic Forum, a Technical Committee and four permanent Technical Groups for different technical, operational and environmental topics. Additional working groups can be activated on demand. Currently more than 130 experts are actively participating in VGB wind energy committees.

Netzwerkgrafik Wind Energy (Source: VGB)

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Current topics and activities

  • Increasement of H&S management
  • Optimise life cycle profit
  • Strengthening the operators position towards the suppliers (Technical lobbying)
  • Constitution of further User Groups
  • Development of further VGB-Standards
    (Free of charge for ordinary VGB members)
  • Anonymous databases containing the key technical parameters of wind power plants
    (Only for ordinary VGB members available!)

Our Mission

VGB PowerTech ι Wind is the first address for all operators of wind power plants regarding technical, environmental as well as strategic issues and it acts as hub for the wind energy sector in Europe.

Our Objectives

  • supporting our members in operation, maintenance and plant optimisation as well as in technical, environmentally relevant and strategic challenges
    • running improving of the availability, reliability and plant safety for wind power plants
    • supporting a cost-effective durability and environmental management of wind power plants
    • developing new concepts to improve operation and maintenance
    • establishing safety standards
    • extending the exchange of experience in engineering and operation

  • coordinated performing as the collective European voice of the wind power sector
    • editing and providing of facts regarding positions and references
    • inserting positions into European and national regulatory frameworks

  • generating technical and operational standards
    • compiling practice-oriented VGB-Standards considering experience of operators
    • co-creating international technical standards

  • initiating and coordinating national and international research projects
    • establishing and exchanging know-how
    • saving expenses by joint research projects
    • having access to international grants

  • organising events
    • presentation of the state of technology
    • exchange of operational experience