TG Acceptance and Control Tests

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  • Definition and assessment of metrological methods and devices for specially tests
  • Integration of process data validation methods in acceptance and control tests
  • Acquirement of common foundations for application of regulations and guidelines


  • Analysis of acceptance and control tests
  • Specification of guarantee and performance indicators
  • VGB Guideline for acceptance and control tests

Current Topics

  • Main emphases of the Working Panel are the topics:
    • Measuring uncertainties
    • Measuring data validation
    • Process quality control
  • The members of the Working Panel are also involved in various other committees, e.g. at VDI or in international standard committees.
  • Currently in process are new VGB-Standards:
    • Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Acceptance- and Control Tests and for the process quality control
  • The following VGB-Standards have been revised and published:
  • Further current topics are i.a.:
    • Evaluation of different flow measuring methods for power plant applications
    • Consideration of ageing effects on performance tests
    • Applicability of existing standards for new installations using renewable
      energy sources
    • Acceptance and control tests at combined-cycle power plants
    • Measurement of particle size and particle speed in pulverized coal