TG Biomass

The Technical Group Biomass deals with all technical, environmental and operational issues specific to biomass combustion.

Its members are either part of the technical management in their companies, are operating biomass plants or working in research and development for biomass combustion.

The group cooperates closely with VGB Committees dealing with fossil fired thermal power plants to ensure know-how transfer from the conventional to the renewable energy generation.

Current Topics

  • Exchange of information and experience
  • Fuel supply, sustainability, availability and quality control
  • Biomass refining technologies – e.g. torrefaction
  • Storage, handling, feeding
  • Assessment of technical developments, e.g.
    • Corrosion, slagging, erosion
    • Fire and explosion protection
  • Regulatory framework conditions
  • Initiation of workshops and conferences
  • Initiation and coordination of related research projects
  • Current research projects (selection)
    Project-No. Brief Description
    377 DEM-Grate Simulation III, Continuation 328
    382 Design Optimisation of Grate Firings for Biomass – European Transfer of Results
    385 BioStoMo, Part I: Screening
    Here you can find all ongoing and concluded research projects for Renewables and Distributed Generation supported by VGB.