European Biomass Ash Workshop

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IDA Danish Engineers Association
Kalvebod Brygge 31-33 1780 Copenhagen, Denmark
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A tremendous increase in the use of biomass as a replacement fuel for coal for the production of heat and power causes the production also of huge quantities of BiomassAsh ( BMA ). The present-day situation is that this process has progressed far beyond the point where small quantities of BMA could just disappear.

The conversion of coal-fired boilers into biomass fired result in comparatively large amounts of BMA at one place. Considering the Waste Hierarchy in the Waste Directive and the philosophy for power plant operation the produced ashes should be used as far as possible

If a landfilling tax apply, such an option is not the preferred outlet.

On top of that the wish to bring back essential nutrients and fertilizing agent to the forest or farmland in order to comply with Corporate Social Responsibility has gained more acceptance. Utilization in any form and the implications of the use of BMA is crucially important.

This in mind, the one-day workshop will concentrate updates for the utilization and handling of the various BMA’s in the present situation. It is the belief that more effort is needed but at least the workshop will give a solid view of the present situation.

Discussion, questions and answers are expected.

  • Programme
    (Subject to revision)

    Last update: 1 April 2020

    Monday, 9 November 2020
    08:30 Opening Workshop | Registration
    09:00 Introduction to the workshop
    Nicolai Bech, StandardConsult, Denmark
    09:15 Combustion of pulverized biomass - Mitigation of ash related problems like slagging/fouling and corrosion
    Alexander Mack, IFK Stuttgart, Germany
    09:45 Sampling of BioMassAshes
    Johan Wadenbäck, Ørsted, Denmark.
    10:15 Coffee break
    10:45 Update and implementation of the EU Regulation for Fertilizer in Europe
    Hans-Joachim Feuerborn,VGB, Germany
    11:15 Developments in Biomass Ash use in the South of Germany and in Austria
    Johannes Bachmaier, TFZ, Straubing, Germany
    11:45 Wrapping up the morning sessions
    12:00 Lunch break
    13:00 Experiences from BMA granulation
    Daniel Glimtoft, SSG, Sweden
    13:30 Utilisation of wood ash in cement-based materials
    Nina Marie Sigvardsen, DTU, Denmark
    14:00 The ASHBACK project
    Rasmus Kjøller, Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark
    14:30 Coffee break
    15:00 Assessment of the Fertiliser Potential of Biomass Ash
    Roland Bischof, TLLLR, Jena, Germany
    15:30 Wood ashes: a new fertilizer for agriculture
    Sokrat Sinaj, Agroscope, Switzerland
    16:00 Wrapping up the workshopWrapping up the workshop
  • Venue
    • The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA
      Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
      1780 Copenhagen, Denmark
      Contact Person: Pia-Lykke Schøneberg