TG Chemical Process Engineering

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  • Chemistry of NOx-, SOx- and dust separation
  • Addition of carbonic acid, blinding, new developments
  • Behaviour of mercury and other heavy metals in the flue gas cleaning
  • Behaviour of trace compounds
  • Chemical aspects of CO2-separation
  • Organisation of workshops
  • Guideline for cooling water
  • Instruction sheet for conception, specification and warranty proof of water demineralization plants
  • Instruction sheet for tasks and methods of condensate polishing
  • Instruction sheet for water demineralization by reverse osmosis
  • Instruction sheet for water demineralization by ion exchange
  • Instruction sheet for quality requirements of district heating water
  • Instruction sheet for treatment of FGD waste water
  • Evaluation of new treatment processes
  • Comparison of efficiency of different treatment processes


  • Advice in chemical aspects of flue gas cleaning
  • Cooling tower make-up water treatment
  • Cooling water conditioning
  • Feed make-up water treatment
  • Condensate polishing
  • FGD waste water

Current Topics

  • Elaboration and updating of VGB-Standards (Guidelines to Order):
    • Soft Rubber Linings in Flue Gas Desulphurization Plants
      VGB-M417He, First Edition 2000
    • Water Demineralization by Ion Exchangers
      VGB-M405e, Second Edition 1990 (Printed in 1997)
    • Conception, Specification and Performance Verification for Demineralization Plants
      VGB-M407e, Second Edition 2004
    • Quality Requirements for District Heating Water
      VGB-M410e, Second Edition 1994 (Printed in 1996)
    • Organic Matter and Dissolved Carbon Dioxide in the Steam Water Circuit of Power Plant
      VGB-M418e, First Edition 2002
    • Cooling Water Guideline
      VGB-R455e, First Edition 2000 (is currently being revised)
  • R&D projects supported by the Working Panel:
  • Current research projects (selection)
    Project-No. Brief Description

    Possibilities and disadvantages of bromide addition to reduce mercury emissions at coal-fired power stations

    Study to determine open questions on the impact of bromide additon to the combustion of coal.
    Here you can find all ongoing and concluded research projects for Environmental Technology, Chemistry, Safety and Health supported by VGB.