Chemistry in Power Plants 2017 with Technical Exhibition

2017-10-25 - 2017-10-26
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Impressions of the Chemistry Conference
Chemie im Kraftwerk

The 53rd Chemistry Conference starts with the introduction of a new VGB standard on dosing systems in the water-steam cycle and the experience gained from the application of the VGB standard VGB-S-10 with the use of organic conditioning agents. In addition, further experiences and new insights into the water-steam cycle are presented.

In Germany, there is a new regulation on legionella in the cooling water cycle, which is presented as possibility to reduce the biology.

In the case of flue gas cleaning, new insights into the behaviour of N-S components in FGD waste water as well as the experience of new filter materials for de-dusting are presented.

Measures to reduce the radiological activity in nuclear power plant processes are presented against the background of the operating time end.

  • Programme
    (Subject to revision)

    Last update: 25 July 2017

    Tuesday, 24 October 2017
    from 18:00 Get-Together in the exhibition hall
    Swan Analytical Instruments AG invites all participants to a Get-Together in the exhibition area
    Wednesday, 25 October 2017
    09:00 Welcome and Opening
    VGB standard – Chemical feeding and chemical feed systems for water-steam cycles
    J. Hagge, Siemens AG, Erlangen/Germany
    Applying film-forming amines from an independent point of view
    L. Daal, SWECO Netherlands BV, Arnheim/The Netherlands
    Compliance with steam purity for turbine operation in power plants according to the VGB standard for the use of amine-containing conditioning agents – A practical experience report
    J. Münz, CWB Wasserbehandlung GmbH, Berlin/Germany
    10:10 Break
    2-phase FAC reduction in a CCGT by application of OT chemistry and film forming product Anodamine – Analytical and visual results
    M. Jansen, Anodamine Europe BV, and A. Verstraeten, EDF/PZEM, Helmond/The Netherlands
    Designing a condensate purification plant (CPP) for 800 MW supercritical units with air cooling condensers (ACC)
    D. Lalla and K. Galt, ESKOM Holdings SOC Ltd., Johannesburg/South Africa
    New technology for rapid steam turbine start-up
    Y. Bouvier, Waltron Bull & Roberts LLC, Paladru/France
    Refurbishing water-steam sampling and analysis systems – recipes for failure and for success
    M. Sigrist, SWAN Systeme AG, Hinwil/Switzerland
    12:00 Break – Lunch in the exhibition area
    Ein neues A new maximum of electrolytic conductivity in aqueous solutions
    V. Ender, Bertsdorf-Hörnitz/Germany
    Online monitoring and control of boiler phosphate ­treatment using conductivity after cation exchanger (CACE) vs specific conductivity diagrams
    D. Zinemans, The Israel Electric Corporation, Haifa/Israel
    Case study: Online chloride and sulfite measurement by microfluidic capillary electrophoresis
    A. Trivedi, Mettler Toledo Thornton, Inc., Billerica/USA
    Online water analysis in the power plant
    D. Schlak, Deutsche Metrohm Prozessanalytik GmbH & Co. KG, Filderstadt/Germany
    14:50 Break
    Different iron measurements during startup of a coal-fired power plant – interesting results by measuring online iron via turbidity
    M. Nielsen, DONG Energy Power A/S, Fredericia/Denmark, and M. Schubert, Hach Lange GmbH, Düsseldorf/Germany
    Take a look into the crystall ball - More than a fortune telling
    Dieter Mauer, MionTec GmbH, Leverkusen/Germany
    Effective phase analysis of FGD gypsum with macro thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
    M. Jacob, LECO Instrumente GmbH, Mönchengladbach/Germany
    16:20 Break
    Electrostatic implications of polymeric filter materials for high efficiency gas filtration in coal-fired boiler bag houses
    J. Fourie, ESKOM SA, Sunninghill/South Africa, and F. Popovici, Engineering Consulting for Evonik Fibres, Monza/Italy
    New insights into N-S compounds in FGD waste water
    B. Muir, P. Czuprynski and P. Glamowski, EDF Polska S.A., Cracow/Poland
    Corrosion resistant design of heat exchangers and flue gas cleaning modules by using fluoropolymers
    M. Schlipf and D. Gauland Elring Klinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH,
    18:00 End of the first conference day
    19:00 Evening event: Shipping on the Rhine/Moselle with the “MS Godesburg”
    kindly supported by Kurita Europe GmbH and Purolite GmbH
    Please wear your VGB conference badge this evening
    Thursday, 26 October 2017
    The analytical execution and the risk assessment for the evidence of the correct hygienic operation of recoolers according to the 42nd German Federal Immission Control Act
    O. Theobald, SYNLAB Umweltinstitut GmbH, Essen/Germany
    Impact of the 42nd German Federal Immission Control Act on power plant operation – An overview from a chemical engineering perspective
    M. Thorand and J. Ruff, RWE Power AG, Cologne/Germany
    UV light water treatment for elimination of microorganism growth – industrial application, microbiology monitoring and field experience
    M. Skala, P. Kůs, Centrum výzkumu Řež, Husinec Řež, and J. Řihová Ambrožová, UTC Prague, Prague/Czech Repbulic
    Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD) – chemical free disinfection
    J. Engeling, Atlantium Illuminating Water Technologies, Bad Salzuflen/Germany
    10:00 Break
    Global experience optimising cooling water systems through pulse-chlorination
    M. Bruijs, L. Daal and L. Venhuis, SWECO Nederlands BV, Arnhem/The Netherlands
    Experiences with the biocidal in-situ system – Dilurit BC S-System – in a power plant
    A. Friedrich, J. Imhof, Kurita Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf/Ludwigshafen, and M. Thorand, Bergheim/Germany
    History of zero liquid effluent discharge (ZLED) applied in Eskom
    D. Lalla, K. Galt and D. Raman, ESKOM Holdings SOC Ltd., Johannesburg/South Africa
    Improvement of the plant radiology at KRB-II
    F. Klein and U. Krumpholz, Nuclear Power Plant Gundremmingen GmbH, Gundremmingen/Germany
    11:50 Break – Lunch in the exhibition area
    Exceeding demineralisation water requirements using mobile integrated membrane systems in power plants
    J. Bultiauw, Pall Water, Dreieich/Germany
    Dissolved air floatation clarification of cooling tower basin for RO pretreatment
    B. Haas, Ecolutia Services Ltd., Peterborough/UK
    Using membrane contacts for boiler feed water production in South African power plants
    M. Ulbricht, 3M Deutschland GmbH, Wuppertal/Germany, P. du Toit and M. Masenya, ESKOM Holdings SOC Ltd., Johannesburg/South Africa
    Performance evaluation of RO membranes using design of experiment (DoE) and a silica containing multi-ion mixed feed
    U. Dölchow, J. Ogier, IAB Ionenaustauscher GmbH, and J. Lipnizki, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH/Germany
    The value of high quality make up water
    J. Henkel and M. Slagt, Dow Water & Process Solutions, Rheinmünster/Germany, Terneuzen/The Netherlands
    15:00 Schlusswort – Ende der Vortragsveranstaltung
    15:15 End of the conference
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