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Deadline 31 May 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,

VGB’s annual Conference “Chemistry in Power Plants” will take place in Würzburg. The conference is a forum for operators of energy utilities and industrial power plants. Operating experience will be discussed and technical developments will be represented in the field of power plant chemistry. Conference languages are German and English with simultaneous translation.

The following major items will be presented at the conference:

  • Conditioning of water steam cycles and cooling water cycles
  • Methods of water preparation and waste water treatment
  • Chemical aspects of coal-firing and co-firing
  • Chemical aspects of flue gas cleaning processes and CO2 separation
  • Analytic and quality assurance
  • Chemistry in nuclear power plants

The conference will be accompanied by a Foyer Exhibition, which gives exhibitors the opportunity to present their companies and/or products.

Become part of the VGB Conference "Chemistry in Power Plants" and create actively an attractive and interesting programme. We are looking forward to your proposals!

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