Chemistry in Power Plants 2016 with Technical Exhibition

2016-10-26 - 2016-10-27
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Conference language: German and English with simultaneous translation

VGB Conference Chemistry in the Power Plants 2016

The 52nd Chemistry Conference begins with a progress report of the chemistry in the power plant and future challenges. This includes the savings in water consumption and the critical analysis of guide and limit values in water chemistry.

A wide field takes the water treatment with a variety of procedures as well as the online-measurement and analysis of the water-steam circuit.

Different process methods of water treatment are discussed and partially compared with.

A control of biology and biofilm management in the cooling water circuit promises an increase in efficiency.

Regarding the issue mercury test experience concerning the deposition in the water path and in the scrubber as well as in the flue gas will be presented.


The conference will be accompanied by an Exhibition, which gives exhibitors the opportunity to present their companies and/or products. If you are interested to participate at the technical exhibition please contact: