Coal Combustion Products and REACH

(Status: 30.07.2013)

On 1 June 2007, the REACH-Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) entered into force. By this, also each producer or importer of coal combustion products (CCPs) has to register the marketed or imported substances at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) situated in Helsinki. Since 1 June 2008, CCPs which are not registered can not be produced and placed on the market.

Exemption: For CCPs which have been pre-registered by 1 December 2008 the deadline for registration is extended by 1 December 2010 (production volume > 1000 tonnes), by 30 June 2013 (production volume > 100 tonnes) or 30 June 2018 (production volume > 1 tonne).

The producers/importers of CCPs have pre-registered FGD- gypsum, spray dry absorption product (SDA-product), fly ash ((FA) from hard coal/lignite), bottom ash (BA), boiler slag (BS) and fluidised bed combustion ash (FBC-ash) as well as cenospheres (CE) and ashes from biomass combustion (BMA) with the CAS- and EC-numbers of the specific substances.

The producers/importers of substances with the same EC-numbers form so-called pre-SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Forum). Out of these pre-registered parties a "facilitator" organises the pre-SIEF communication and cares for open questions within the pre-SIEF.

Table: Situation pre-SIEFS for registration of Coal Combustion Products (CCPs)
(Status: 30.07.2013):


The pre-registered parties agreed about the sameness of substances, defined Substance Identity Profiles (SIP) and formed Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEF) for the preparation of joint registration dossiers with chemical, physical, toxicological and ecotoxicological data. For the registration of one substance only one registration dossier with the specific registration data can be filed. The SIEF members agreed for a so-called "Lead Registrant" who submitted the substance specific joint registration dossier to the ECHA.

Consortia were formed for calcium sulfate, ashes (fly ash, bottom ash and boiler slag), for FBC-ash and for SDA product.

  • By 1 December 2010, the following substances were registered:
    • Calcium sulfate (natural and FGD gypsum)
    • SDA-Product*
    • Ashes from wet and dry bottom boilers (fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag)*
    • Ashes from fluidized bed combustion boilers*
    • Cenospheres

* Note: for ashes and SDA-Product new EC numbers were used for registration.

Legal entities being members of the joint registration referred to the joint registration dossier by a token number provided by the lead registrant.

Pre-registered parties which will register at a later stage and are not members of a consortium can contact the lead registrant or contact partners listed below and ask for a letter of access (LoA) to the joint registration dossier.

Parties not being pre-registered can also ask for a LoA. However, they have to send an inquiry to ECHA to get a company specific number for registration and contact data to the lead company which has registered the same substance.

Information regarding sameness of substances for registration of CCPs and details of consortia and contact details are given below.

Calcium sulfate (the registration covers FGD- and natural gypsum)

Substance definition: Substance definition
Joint registration: Calcium sulfate 231-900-3
EC nr.: 231-900-3
Number of parties for registration:  > 260
Calcium Sulfate Consortium  
Projekt Manager: EUROGYPSUM

Note: For using rights for studies from Korea a second LoA has to be ordered.

SDA-Product (the registration covers "clean" SDA product (< 10 % ash content))

Substance definition: SAV-Produkt
Joint registration:  JS_SDA_Product
EC nr.: 931-259-6
Number of parties for registration:  > 20
By-Products Consortium  
Lead Registrant: UTEX
Projekt Manager: Polish CCP Union

Ashes from wet and dry bottom boilers:

Substance definition: Ashes (residues), coal
Joint registration:    JS_Ashes (residues), coal
EC nr.: 931-322-8
Number of parties for registration:  > 250

Ash-REACH-Consortium together with the By-Products Consortium and the ASVEP-Consortium

Lead Registrant: STEAG GmbH (former EVONIK Steag GmbH)

Contact details


Project Manager:   VGB PowerTech e.V.

By-Products Consortium

Project Manager:   Polish CCP Union


Project Manager:   ASVEP Asociace pro vyuziti produktu

Ashes from fluidized bed combustion boilers (FBC-Ash)

Substance definition: FBC-Ash
Joint registration:    JS_FBC_Ash
EC nr.: 931-257-5
Number of parties for registration: > 20

By-Products Consortium 

Lead Registrant: EKOTECH Centrum
Project Manager: Polish CCP Union


Substance definition: Cenospheres
Joint registration: Joint submission 300-212-6
EC nr.: 300-212-6
Number of parties for registration:     > 10

Cenospheres Interest Group 

Lead Registrant: OMYA UK
Project Manager: OMYA International

Further information

  • In the pre-SIEF for ashes (residues) - EC 268-627-4 - also the Mixed Ash Consortium was formed.

Mixed Ash Consortium

Substance definition: Mixed Ash
Joint registration:  Ash Registration
EC nr.: 931-597-4
Number of parties for registration:     > 60
Lead Registrant: Kymin Voima Oy
Project Manager: Linnunmaa Oy

Biomass ash

Substance definition: Biomass ash
Joint registration:   JS_Ashes (residues), plant
EC nr.: 297-049-5
Number of parties for registration:     > 5

ASVEP Consortium 

Lead Registrant: CEZ, a.s.
Project Manager: ASVEP Consortium