TG Civil Concepts/Specific Civil Solutions

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In power plants special building concepts and specific civil engineering solutions are relevant. Power plant specific buildings are defined by their special function, their operational benefit as well as their special configuration and construction. The Working Panel focuses re-cooling systems, chimneys, tanks and silos, coal storages as well as constructions for machines and boiler houses. Besides general demands by legislation, ordinances and accepted state-of-the-art rules they have to fulfill also power plant specific requirements, especially from plant engineering and regarding design, calculation, construction and erection.


  • Re-cooling systems
    • Optimization of cooling/civil engineering concepts
    • Creation of trendsetting concepts for re-cooling systems
    • Definition of engineering design data for cooling towers
    • Development of calculation and dimensioning methods considering the required serviceability as well as an adaquate stability concept for cooling towers
    • Definition of material requirements/quality assurance measures/material qualifications
    • Advices concerning construction and design
    • Active or accompanying participation in the development of corresponding civil codes and ordinances
    • Collection and evaluation of basic cooling data for the civil engineering design
    • Consideration of codes and ordinances, release and revision
  • Chimney systems
    • Collection and processing of experiences to secure an undisturbed chimney operation
    • Collection and evaluation of operating conditions (operational mode, flow conditions, thermal and chemical impacts) of chimneys
    • Evaluation of civil engineering design data and estimation of building types
    • Design advices, construction recommendations
    • Delineation of constructive solutions for extraordinary operating conditions of chimneys
    • Active participation in amendment/ application of corresponding standards (especially DIN EN 13084, DIN EN 1993-3-2)
  • Other civil constructions
    • Planning, construction and design of tanks, silos and coal storages
    • Design and construction of ducts and pipes (c.f. flue gas pipes, cooling water pipes)
    • Foundation concepts/special foundations
    • Anchorages
    • Basics for construction and design of boiler scaffolds (tolerable settlements)


  • Consultancy in planning and design of chimneys, cooling towers and other specific buildings
  • Advices for planning and design of protecting coatings of concrete surfaces
  • Consultancy in damage analysis and measuresments of repair
  • Controlling and guidance of project groups to develop specific VGB-Standards

Current Topics

  • BTR - Structural Design of Cooling Towers (R 610 U); revision of the guideline for adjustment to the new national/European standards
  • Dismantling and decommissioning; development of a new VGB-Standard