TG Supervision of Construction and Assembly/Quality Assurance


  • Exchange of experience to improve reliability in operation and availability
  • Informing the members regarding the experience gathered
  • Initiation and support of research projects
  • Creation and revision of guidelines and instruction sheets for maintaining and improving safety and availability
  • Checking and investigating operational incidents in power plants
  • Influencing control of national and European standardisation and legislative initiatives
  • Administrative support of the following directives:
    (formerly R 501)
    Production and construction supervision of high power steam boilers - Publication (1st half-year 2012)
    R 502 H Production, erection and construction as well as installation supervision of flue gas cleaning plants
    R 508 L Production and construction supervision of pipeline systems in thermal power plants

    and instruction sheets:
    M 520     Order Processing Details


Construction and installation supervision has been an important element of quality control for new construction and conversion of power plants ever since the VGB was founded. Information on references and for commissioning an external construction and installation supervision firm is available under Monitoring of Construction and Assembly .

Current Topics

  • Effects of the current European and national legislation on quality control (PED, Ordinance on plant safety, etc.)
  • Measures for preserving and improving quality of construction and installation