Designation Systems for Power Plants (KKS, RDS-PP)

The conversion of sector-specific specifications for structuring principles and reference designation rules on technical products and technical product documentation of power plants are taking place with KKS respectively RDS-PP.

Thereby the designation blocks for the clear identification and localization of the technical products are specified, which are used for their labelling in the plant, for their designation in technical documents and for the designation of the technical documents as well.

The requirements were created for:
  • uniform designation of all power plant processes and all power plant types,
  • language-independent codes to ensure international applicability,
  • consistent designation for planning, licensing, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning,
  • common applicability in mechanical, electrical, I&C and civil engineering, with the simultaneous possibility to designate according to function, product and location aspects.

In dependency of the erection period and site-specific view the following designation systems are used: