TG Reference Designation and Plant Documentation


  • Compilation and updating of VGB standards for reference designation and plant documentation:
    • Reference designation system RDS-PP acc. to DIN ISO/TS 81346-10
    • Designation system for power plants KKS acc. to VGB guideline
    • Document designation acc. to DIN EN 61355-1
    • Provision of Technical Documentation (Technical Plant Data, Documents) for Energy Supply Units
    • Creation of designations and abbreviations


  • Advice and support for operator, manufacturer and planning engineers in connection with the application of RDS-PP, KKS and the document kind classification code (DCC key).

Current Topics

  • Participation and contacts in/to national and international standardization bodies to the topics of reference designation and plant documentation.
  • Participation in the Community Committee for designation systems in the DIN standards committee Technical Fundamentals DIN ISO/TS 81346-10;
  • Participation in the Working Committee for documentation in the standards committee technical basics in the DIN on FB 146;
  • Participation in the Working Committee “Lifecycle for technical objects in the DIN standard committee services DIN 77005-1”;
  • Participation in the international Working Committee WG10 of ISO TC 10/SC 10 on the IEC 81346-series
  • Participation in the Smart Grid Coordination Group of CEN-CENELEC-ETSI;
  • Contacts to K113 of DKE for “Operating instructions for technical plants and systems”;
  • Contacts to international Working Groups of ISO TC 10/SC 10 for flow charts.
  • Participation in e-cl@ss with the objective of implementation of power plant specific components in the cross-industry product classification
  • Performance of conferences to reference documentation and plant documentation
  • Presentation of products of the Technical Group on exhibitions and congresses
  • Development and updating of VGB-Standards:
    • Reference Designation System for Power Plants RDS-PP - Letter Codes for Power Plant Systems (System Key)
      VGB-S-821-00-2016-06-EN, [former: B101e]
    • RDS-PP - Letter Codes for Basic Functions and Product Classes
      VGB-B102e, 1st Edition 2010
    • Document Designation for Energy Supply Units
      VGB-S-832-00-2016-04-DE-EN [former: B103e], Edition 2016
    • VGB Abbreviationcatalogue for power plant technology
      VGB-S-891-00-2012-06-DE-EN [former: B107e], Edition 2012
    • Rules for the creation of denominations and their application for power plant engineering
      VGB-B108e, 3rd Edition 2010
    • Provision of Technical Documentation (Technical Plant Data, Documents) for Energy Supply Units - eBook
      VGB-S-831-00-2015-05-EN-ebook [former: VGB-R171e], 3rd Edition 2015
    • KKS Identification System for Power Plants
      VGB-S-811-01-2018-01-EN [former: VGB-B105e], 8th Edition 2018
    • RDS-PP® Application Guideline Part 01: Power Plants, General
      VGB-S-823-01-2015-09-EN-DE , Edition 2015
    • RDS-PP® Application Guideline Part 31: Hydro Power Plants
      VGB-S-823-31-2014-12-EN-DE [former: VGB-B106 D1e], Edition 2015
    • RDS-PP® Application Guideline Part 32: Wind Power Plants
      VGB-S-823-32-2014-03-EN-DE-0 [former: VGB-B116 D2e], Edition 2014