TG Distributed Generation / Storage

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Distributed Generation is an important component of the energy turnaround and is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. The complex system of decentralized energy supply consisting of „generation – transmission – distribution – consumption“ has to be taken into account as a whole.

VGB PowerTech Ι Distributed Generation / Storage provides a forum particularly for small and medium-sized companies, municipal utilities, research facilities, power plant owners and operators, as well as equipment and service providers for decentralized power generation systems to exchange information and to share ideas relating to the technical best practices on system integration of decentralized generation.


  • Exchange of information and experience
  • Support of our members in system integration of decentralized generation systems based on renewables as well as small fossil fired generation technologies
    • CHP
    • Fuel Cell
    • Micro gas turbines
    • Stirling Engines
    • Power to Gas
    • Power to Heat

  • Monitoring of technology and economic development of grid infrastructure
    • Grid expansion
    • Smart Grid
    • Smart Metering
    • Virtual Power Plant

  • Technical assessment of storage systems
  • Discussion on business cases, market models, provision of grid services and balancing energy
  • Consultation of new fields of applications
  • Initiation of conferences and workshops
  • Observation and coordination of related research projects


  • Representation of the operator interests
  • Evaluation of CHP directives
  • Organisation of conferences and workshops

Current Topics

  • White Paper: Comparison of significant key performances indicators of storage technologies (in process)