Exhibition VGB Steam Turbines Conference, 1+2 June 2021

The event will take place online

VGB Online platform here

Exhibitor list here 

  • Online Exhibition Packages

    Package  A – ”Basic entry“  - EUR 150.00 + VAT
    free of charge for exhibitors who already registered for Cologne

    Logo and link to the website, three further links to social media, address, email, telephone, brief description of the company

    Package B -  EUR 350.00 + VAT

    like package A
    plus three files (e.g. pdf brochures), a picture format 16:9 with video integration (video link to YouTube or another streaming service)

    Package B plus -  EUR 750.00 + VAT

    like Package B
    plus one participant / stand staff and plus break-out room: (access only for registered participants)

    Interested parties can enter this room at any time and the stand personnel will be informed (like a telephone call) that someone has entered the room. There, the employees can talk to the participants, share the screen or even withdraw to a separate room with just one click (if there are many participants in the room at the same time).

    Additional package “Communication” - EUR 100.00 + VAT

    In the information area there is the possibility to place an advertisement for the company. This message will be displayed to all participants in the home area and under information at a time of your choice during the event. All participants who have downloaded the app will also receive a push notification of this new message / advertisement.

  • Cancellation and data protection notice

    Cancellation and data protection notice

    up to 4 weeks prior the event 50%

    within 4 week prior the event, non attendance or cancellation on the day of the event 100%

    Only written cancellations are accepted.

    Further information and data protection notice see here