Editorial - VGB PowerTech Journal 4/2019

Innovation in Power Generation – VGB Congress 2019

Innovations have always been an important driver of change in power generation. Higher efficiency, optimised protection of the environment and improved economic efficiency are some of the well-known fundamental basics. With the profound changes in the energy industry, the challenges established by society and politics, our companies are faced with new framework conditions.

These changes become globally visible through a range of energy supply issues: Security of supply, flexibilisation, energy storage, decentralisation, sector coupling, digitisation, mobility, climate protection and adequate market design are some of them. If we are to develop solutions for these challenges, this inevitably amounts to innovations that are necessary not only to talk about the problems, but also to deal with them concretely and to establish solutions – our goal!

These central future topics with their challenges, ideas and projects will be addressed again at this year’s VGB Congress.

Under the motto

Innovation in Power Generation

we will discuss your topics and concerns on 4 and 5 September 2019 in Salzburg, Austria, and renowned speakers will answer your questions in contributions and discussions.

The plenary event will be moderated by Sonja van Renssen, ep energy post, Belgium, and will take up different perspectives on the processes of change in the energy industry and its innovations.

This year, the focus of the specialist sections will be on the following topics

  • Technologies for the future, – Flexibility in production – Training & Education – System stability, – Digitalisation – Decentralised generation

We offer the latter three sections again as a forum for dialogue – the successful format of the VGB Congress – with the focus on the detailed joint discussion of the presentation contents.

VGB PowerTech is therefore looking forward to your paraticipation and your contribution to the branch meeting and platform for electricity and heat generation as well as storage, the VGB Congress 2019 in Salzburg. Let us talk and discuss with you about ways, ideas, activities and work for the energy generation of the future, its technologies and opportunities in the market.

We will keep you up to date on the detailed congress programme via our website or by subscribing to our bimonthly newsletter. You will also receive neutral, technically reliable information on current topics from the energy industry and technology as well as the work and activities of your VGB PowerTech.