Editorial - VGB PowerTech Journal 8/2020

VGB – Energy is us!

Energy is us – this is the mission under which VGB PowerTech is taking the way to the energy system of the future. This year our association celebrates its 100th anniversary. Our more than 430 VGB members from 33 countries are united in the knowledge that valuable impulses for the development of their own companies are created from the joint work of our association. These added values result from the exchange of experience, knowledge transfer, standardisation and innovations, which are only possible through a joint platform such as VGB PowerTech. We are firmly convinced that we can make an important contribution to shaping the energy system of the future with our know-how and experience – as a “technical voice”. We have already clearly formulated this mission last year with the publication of our new statement “Energy is us!”

This year, on the occasion of our anniversary, we have now drawn up a position paper on how we envisage the energy system of the future, what contributions the operators of energy plants can make to its design and what technological and regulatory framework conditions we believe are necessary for this. To this end, we have defined eight strategic fields of action, for which we explain our view of technical implementation options and potential and link it to the position of our members, the plant operators:

  1. Further share increase of renewable energy – especially in the areas of biomass, solar, hydro and wind
  2. Strengthening of flexibility in the energy system – utilize all flexibility options – electricity grids, Demand Side Management, dispatchable power generation and energy storage options
  3. Security of supply at any time and thus meeting energy demand of all consumers through dispatchable generation or energy storage
  4. Recognition of the key function of sector coupling and exploitation of the potentials resulting from connecting technology and processes
  5. Affordability of energy supply, leading to socio-economic benefits
  6. Establishment of reliable framework conditions that provide incentives for sustainable, environmentally friendly, economic and secure energy supply
  7. Use of digitalization as a technological enabler for the future energy system
  8. Development and expansion of modern energy infrastructure as the foundation of an increasingly decentralized energy system

The plants of our members – which currently have an installed capacity of more than 300 GW – already ensure that energy, the central lifeline of society, is available safely at all times.

The existing services of VGB PowerTech have contributed significantly to this development until today. Our new services, e.g. in the fields of digitalisation, renewable energies and hydrogen, show that today we are already thinking about tomorrow.

In order to implement a sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe and economic energy supply in the long term, the cooperation of all players in the energy sector is essential. VGB offers the appropriate platform for this, with technical reason, a sense of proportion and foresight - we look forward to further cooperation in our expert network and beyond.

Finally, to all those who, like us, have missed our Jubilee Congress 2020 painfully – we will see you in Essen next year and hopefully we will be able to celebrate the anniversary and the future!