TC Electrical Engineering and I&C


  • Evaluation of malfunctions in electrical components and I&C-systems
  • Recommendations for planning of C&I-systems in connection with process engineering
  • Support for research projects
  • Connections to the grid
  • VGB Conference KELI


  • Conceptual requirements of C&I and auxiliary supply
  • Ageing management electrical engineering and C&I

Project groups / Expert discussions

  • Programme Committee KELI
  • Discussions with Transmission Systems Operators (TSO), manufacturers and universities on the impact of power electronics in the transmission system on power plants

Current Topics

  • First technical contact for EE and C&I in generation facilities (damages, strategies, concepts, new technologies …)
  • To allocate experience and expertise in EE, C&I for reducing costs and increase efficiency
  • Central contact and coordination for RES and distributed generation with regard to EE and C&I
  • Representative/lobbyist for generation interest against supplier
  • Steering of the responsible TG
  • Here you can find all ongoing and concluded research projects for Power Plant Technologies supported by VGB.