TC Environment


Global Approach and Support to EURELECTRIC

  • Share experience among members (legal, licensing, technical evolution...)
  • Exchange information about relevant environmental activities (working groups, ongoing and planned studies / research projects)
    and propose new activities or working groups if needed
  • Provide technical expertise as input to the policy making and strategic work of EURELECTRIC
    • Contribute to the European information exchange process on BAT and to BREFs
    • Follow the activities of governments of EU member states regarding EPRTR inventory
    • Collect information from the members to support position papers

Legal Process

  • Review the impact and the national implementation of EU environmental legislation and proposals on power plant operation
  • Follow the European development in licensing of power plants

Environment Management and Technology

  • Accompany developments in power plants of e.g.
    • energy efficiency
    • flue gas cleaning technologies
    • water management
    • product, waste and residues management
    • noise control
    • co-combustion of biomass and waste
    • monitoring and reporting of emissions
    • CO2 management / trading

Some Specific Aspects

  • Discuss problems, e.g. decommissioning of plants, ambient air quality regulations, health effects, climate change...
  • Anticipate developments, e.g. Hg, N2O (ozone depletion) etc.