Heinrich-Mandel Prize 2006

The Board of Trustees of the VGB-FORSCHUNGSSTIFTUNG awarded the 2006 Heinrich-Mandel Prize for Power Plant Technology to

  • Dr. Christian Fielenbach for his investigations on non-contact flame diagnostics at a pf-FLOX burner for primary nitric oxide emission reduction and ash particle size influence.

The 10,000 EUR prize was handed over by the VGB chairman on the occasion of the VGB Congress “Power Plants 2006” in Dresden, on September 27, 2006.


Gerd Jäger is awarding the 2006 Heinrich-Mandel Prize to Christian Fielenbach

33-year-old Dr. Christian Fielenbach co-operated in a joint project on the combined process with pressurized pf-combustion on development of primary measures for nitric oxide emission reduction and influencing the ash particle size. The results of his work are compiled both in his Dissertation “Velocity and Size of Particles During Pressurized PF-combustion” and in publications.

Within the framework of Dr. Fielenbach’s work, particle velocity and -size were determined in situ and without contact in a technical coal flame simultaneously by means of optical measuring techniques for the first time. This was a fundamental contribution towards flame diagnostics and burner optimization. Moreover, the FLOX combustion principle so far only applied to fluid fuels has been used for pf-combustion for the first time. Measurements revealed considerable NO x -reduction.