Heinrich-Mandel Prize 2007

The Board of Trustees of the VGB-FORSCHUNGSSTIFTUNG equally awarded the Heinrich-Mandel Prize for Power Plant Technology 2007 to

  • Dr. Lydia-Emilia Fryda for her works on the utilisation of biomass in decentral electricity generation plants < 1 MW el with fluidised bed gasification and oxide ceramic fuel cells and to
  • Dr. Jens Hampel for the development of a turbo generator with mechatronic link to the electrical grid for increasing the efficiency of smaller steam turbines.

The 10,000 Euro prize was handed over by the VGB chairman on the occasion of the VGB Congress “Power Plants 2007“ in Salzburg, on September 19, 2007.

hampel fryda

Gerd Jäger is awarding the 2007 Heinrich-Mandel Prize to Jens Hampel and Lydia-Emilia Fryda

Dr. Fryda (31) developed within the scope of her thesis “Utilisation of Biomass in Advanced Power Systems” an exergetic analyses tool that improves the design, evaluation and applicability of decentral electricity generation plants < 1 MW el . The model was based on a fluidised bed gasification plant for biomass and the application of oxide ceramic fuel cells. The exegetic analyses tool was applied to the individual modelled plant components.

Modelling of the gasification process pays particular attention to the ash behaviour. The model was validated in the laboratory by using different energy crops like millet, reed and wood-like biomass. The focus of the investigation was the prediction and treatment of deposits of high-alkaline constituents contained in the fuels.

With this method unplanned plant outages can be avoided, i.e. by the application of suitable bed material, special fuel blends and modes of operation.

Dr. Hampel (34) broke new ground with the development and testing of a small turbo generator with mechatronic link to the electrical grid which will result in much higher efficiencies of smaller steam turbines in the part load range through variation, however, within certain limits, of the number of revolutions of the turbine. In this way the in-flow angel of the steam into the turbine blade is nearly constant.

In this application the gear is replaced by the mechatronic link to the grid. This is realised by a generator with high number of revolutions with grid link via a pulsed rectifier, a direct current link and a pulsed inverter. The system enables the decoupling of the high generator frequencies from the grid frequency and thus the electrical loading of the turbine generator independent of the number of revolutions. Therefore, the turbine can be operated from any load point with an optimum number of revolutions.

Dr Hampel devotes his prize to his mentor Professor Dr. Joachim Zschernig, who died in 2007. Dr Hampel had been working for more than five years at Professor Zschernig’s professorship for energy system technology and heat economy at the institute for energy technology of the Dresden Technical University.