Mechanical forces on isolated phase bus and its support construction during short circuit conditions

Project Number 424

In the exchange of experience of the VGB Technical Group (TG) Electrical Equipment it became clear that existing technical regulations (set of rules) for the specification of isolated phase bus can be used only to a limited extent. For this reason a project group was installed, which is currently working on a new VGB-Standard.

Objectives to be achieved by the new VGB-Standard are:

  • The existing short-circuit forces are to be taken into account for short-circuit resistant design of isolated phase bus and for the construction details (static) of the support structure.
  • Incoming offers for new construction and renovation or extension can be checked by the purchaser upon plausibility by means of confirmed rough calculation principles.

In order to achieve these objectives, the responsible PG is aiming at experimental short-circuit tests at an angle verifying already available calculations of the University Cobourg. The most economical option for such tests is the performance in a neutral testing laboratory (DNV GL KEMA, Prague, Czech Republic) under the responsibility of EGE. EGE is member of the VGB PG.
The detailed preparation of the test program and design of the test object is carried out by the PG.