TG Fuel Technology/ Firing Systems

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The Technical Group Fuel Technology/Firing Systems mainly deals with swearl and jet firing systems. Currently, the Fluidised Bed Firing Systems and the Incineration Firing Systems are not included in this activity.

Topic according to the Fuel Line
  • Delivery of Fuel
  • Unloading
  • Storage
  • Blending
  • Feeder
  • Grinding / Drying / Classifying
  • Burner
  • Fuel impact on Steam Generation (Fouling/Slagging)
  • Heat relise
  • Fireproof babbitting
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Coal
  • Refused Derived Fuels (RDF): solid, liquid, gaseous
  • Biomass - Co-combustion
  • Additives
Measuring Systems
  • EDP based coal evaluation
  • Online coal dust measuring
  • Flame monitoring
  • Content of coal in EP


  • Exchange and evaluation of experience
    • Fuels
    • Pulverised coal combustion
    • Storker Firing for solid fuels (except refuse)
    • Oil and Gas Firing
    • Discharge devices
    • Slag tap furnaces, dry ash firings
  • Assessment and design of technology
    • Blanding technology
    • Biomass for use
    • Low emission firing
    • Safety of operation


  • Consultancy on grinding and firing plants

Current Topics

  • Elaboration and updating of VGB-Standards (Guidelines to Order):
    • Equipment for Cleaning of Heat Transfer Surfaces in Steam Raising Plants - Operation, Maintenance and Expert Systems
      VGB-S-221-00-2014-06-EN - 2. Edition 2014
    • Coal Bunkers - Planning, design, equipment and operation
      VGB-M206e, 3. Edition 2009
    • Coal Handling in Power Plants
      VGB-M211e, 2. Edition 2009 - new edition in preparation