TC Future Energy System


  • Promoting promising FES solutions
  • Establishing and exchanging know-how
  • Presentation of the state of technology and future developments
  • Organising events to specific topics
  • Initiating and coordinating national and international research projects
  • Having access to international grants
  • Direct exchange of experiences with experts
  • Generating technical and operational standards
  • Acting as the collective European voice of future energy technologies

Orders / Benefit for the members

  • Support the regulatory frameworks
    Provide technical positions on relevant topics Advice and guidance for technologies and applications
  • Definition and documentation of the state of the art
    Support for legal applications
  • Preservation and dissemination of knowledge
    Dissemination of neutral or objective know-how Focus on operation and maintenance
  • Joint R&D projects
    Cooperation in research on new technologies, new components, and new modules