Gas Turbines and Operation of Gas Turbines

2019-06-05 - 2019-06-06
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Kurfürstliches Schloss
Peter-Altmeier-Allee 9, 55116 Mainz, Germnay
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In two-year intervals gas turbine experts from operators, manufacturers, planning offices, associations, insurance companies, R&E centers, authorities and corresponding business areas of VGB PowerTech e.V. are invited by VGB PowerTech e.V. for intensifying the exchange of experience, findings and ideas by lectures and comprehensive discussions in the area of gas turbines and the gas turbine operation.
In the context of the energy transition in a short period of time, the changing requirements in electricity and heat market and the public gas transport network require the timely adjustment of operational and plant engineering concepts for economical, safe and environmentally friendly gas turbine operation.

Already implemented solutions and innovative concepts for gas turbine plants, their subsystems and components, which are consider relevant aspects such as availability, reliability, and utilization of primary energy, load flexibility, fuel flexibility, lifetime costs and environmental protection are suitable to meet the actual and expected future challenges are dealing by us with a broad topic portfolio.

For the provided topic portfolio we kindly ask you to submit your proposals for presentations as short description in a reasonable time:

  • Energy and environmental policy framework conditions, among other topics:
    • Application capabilities of the gas turbine beside gas and steam process and simple cycle
    • CHP law
    • Grid expansion
    • Gas turbine based storage concepts
  • Measures for increasing the effectiveness and its consequences, among others
    • Reduction of the minimum load by compliance of the emission limit values
    • Improvement of the load gradients
    • Fuel flexibility, e.g. hydrogen, syngas from power to gas or heating oil
    • Marketing possibilities of existing plants in the peak load area
    • Impact of increased transient stress of the gas turbine on lifetime and claim frequency
  • Maintenance and modernization, among others
    • Concepts for flexible and longer inspection/overhaul intervals
    • Alternatives for EOH based concept for maintenance intervals
  • Innovative technology and new products, among others
    • Innovative cooling technologies and materials for the hot gas path
    • Developments in the combustion technology against the background of additional emission reduction
    • Combustion chamber bypass as innovative concept for increase of flexibility
    • Operational and project experiences
    • Additive manufacturing (3D-printing) and Selective Laser Melting for reproduction and refurbishment
    • Concepts of digitalization for operation and maintenance of gas and steam turbine plants
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