VGB Congress "POWER PLANTS 2009" with technical exhibition

2009-09-23 - 2009-09-25
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Lyon, France

"Addressing Climate Change - Winning Public Acceptance through Advanced Technologies"

The first steam engines that had been developed about 300 years ago converted only 0.5 % of the energy input into effective work. Thanks to technical development we beat this value more than 100 times because we are now able to achieve efficiencies in electricity generation of > 50 % in today's modern thermal power plants. In cases where waste heat is utilised optimally close at the location of generation it is even possible to use 90 % of the energy input. This is progress in realisation and increase in efficiency achieved through progress of the art. At the same time we have also made important successes in environmental protection: air quality, noise control, water- and soil protection as well as saving resources have become central issues of the energy industry, and we still have not reached the final stage of development. The 700 °C power plant, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and topics like off-shore wind power plants and the continuous extension of the safety margins of nuclear power plants are on the agenda. Technical progress involves perspectives for all sources of energy that are part of our modern energy mix. However, all these endeavours can only be fruitful and effective if the new technologies are accepted by society. It is not enough to design, construct and operate optimum power plants. The creation of trust, creditability and acceptance is also decisive.

This target can only be achieved through active communication. Therefore, this year's VGB Congress in Lyon/France is themed:

"Addressing Climate Change - Winning Public Acceptance through Advanced Technologies"

We are pleased that we had been able to find renowned and competent speakers who will outline different topics from different viewpoints. The congress programme will address all sources of energy from fossil sources of energy to nuclear power, wind and hydro energy. Besides, we will also present national and European aspects alike. France, the host of this year's VGB Congress, can claim that it had reached two important targets of European energy policy: with its share of some 80 % of nuclear energy in electricity generation and another share of 10 % hydro power France is meeting the targets of climate protection and independence of energy exports.

Apart from technical, political and social issues we are looking forward to Lyon which is an interesting congress place. Lyon is closely related to electricity generation because it is the birth place of the physicist André Marie Ampère and it is known as the "City of Lights" because the "Fête des Lumières" - well known beyond French borders - is celebrated every 8th December. The old town that was included by UNESCO as world heritage as well as Lyon's gastronomy also enjoy an excellent reputation. The surroundings of Lyon are an important wine-growing region. Lyon is the head office of the European news channel "Euronews" which represents a further interesting connection to the VGB Congress.

These are important and interesting facets that make us looking forward to Lyon and your participation in this year's VGB Congress "Power Plants 2009".

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