VGB Congress "POWER PLANTS 2010" with technical exhibition

2010-09-22 - 2010-09-24
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"Renewables, Nuclear Power, Coal and Gas - Technologies for a Low-carbon Future"

Essen, the venue of this year's VGB Congress, and the industrial region "Ruhrgebiet" have always been a synonym for energy and technical development. Similar to other European industrial centres, the Ruhr area has been the nucleus of the industrial revolution due to its hard coal deposits. Although  Hard coal had been mined in the south of the Ruhrgebiet around the river which finally gave its name to the region since the 13th century, it was only the technical development of the steam engine that enabled the wide application of coal in pioneering inventions. From mill drives and workshop  applications of all kind up to power plant fuel: coal became the basis of innovation and future capability. In the Ruhrgebiet "energy" also means its people's capacity to change through progress. Here the structural change has started as early as in the 1950s with decreasing coal production turning the Ruhr area into a service and technology region. Today, the region presents itself with the innovative power of its companies and its research institutions as one of the most important industrial sites in Europe.

This year's Congress will focus on how we will develop and implement sound and sensitive solutions to cope with the challenges of future electricity supply. With our Congress motto

"Renewables, Nuclear Power, Coal and Gas - Technologies for a Low-carbon Future"

we underline that it is important to use all sources of energy that are available without any pre-judgement and without considering individual sources as being incompatible with each other. Consequently we will deal with these issues through an internationally high-ranking programme focusing on the  new structures of electricity generation as well as on chances and challenges. Our lecturers will emphasize the European dimension of the task VGB is devoted to as the European Technical Association that is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.

Europe is setting another priority on this year's VGB Congress, because Essen and the entire region are the European Capital of Culture. Under the heading "RUHR.2010", the Ruhrgebiet started to become a new kind of cultural metropolis right in the centre of Europe. It has been the first time that the European Council awarded the title to a whole region. 53 cities joined together and are now co-operating in this ambitious project offering a programme that is characterised by the cultural power and the change from a mere industrial to an innovative and dynamic area. "We are mining a new energy. It is called culture." This is one of the slogans of the Cultural Capital which also refers to our issue.

Therefore, you should take the opportunity to participate in this exiting and interesting mix of urban life and culture when participating in our "energised" VGB Congress 2010.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the VGB Congress "Power Plants 2010" and wish you a pleasant and inspiring stay in this year's Cultural Capital.

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