VGB Congress "POWER PLANTS 2012" with technical exhibition

2012-10-10 - 2012-10-12
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Large technical and infrastructural challenges determine the development of our business. The demand in energy continues to grow worldwide. This applies in particular to the still fast expanding Asian regions that are calling for efficient, climate-friendly and economic electricity generation capacities. In addition, we also have to replace the ageing power plant portfolio of the western industrial nations. Besides, energy policy is increasingly influencing the principles of power plant engineering. For the European Union and its neighbouring countries the course was set by the “Energy Roadmap 2050” published in December 2011. Different scenarios show partly quite different options for the energy mix in order to meet one of the major targets of today´s environmental and climate policy: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. These scenarios mainly comprise energy efficiency, renewables, nuclear power, and carbon capture and storage (CCS). In its Roadmap, the EU Commission emphasizes the independence of the single nations when deciding on their individual energy mix, but also points to the necessity of harmonisation among neighbouring states in order to safeguard investments for an overall efficient, secure and competitive energy system.

In any case, new electricity generation capacities and the extension of current supply infrastructure will be required. New-build capacity amounting up to 800,000 MW is expected to be needed for Europe alone until 2030/2040. Besides, intermitting and non-planable renewable energies require large-scale storage technologies and extended grid infrastructure in order to be able to link the new generation regions to the existing areas of consumption. These are some of the future challenges of power generation we will face and solve.

At this year´s VGB Congress “Power Plants 2012”, that will take place in Mannheim, Germany, entitled “Security of Supply - Power Generation at the Crossroads?” we will reflect on the above important issues.

The plenary lectures will deal with the challenges of the European electricity market, the perspectives of renewables, and the requirements to be met by future power plants and grids. We will also deal with the question how companies will be able at all to finance the extension and restructuring of the European infrastructure?

The expert sections will go into even more details. The VGB Congress 2012 will offer the scope for dealing with important issues of our business, i.e. “flexibility and storage”, “creation of value in existing plants”, “renewables”, “acceptance/new projects - future generation platform - options and restrictions”. We do not only concentrate on mere engineering aspects, because the changing interplay between electricity generation and consumption leads to new challenges for construction and operation and we will also pursue the public discussion with our expertise. 

We are pleased to welcome you jointly with our partners from the utility and manufacturing business to a central venue in the metropolitan area Rhine-Neckar.

From the architectural point of view, the city is very interesting with its streets and avenues laid out in a grid pattern that took its origin in the 17th century through the semi-circular shape of the front of Mannheim Castle. Sightseeing points, cultural spots like opera, theatre and ballet, up to museums, and exhibitions are all connected quadratically by short ways. But also Mannheim’s surroundings offer additional historical and very attractive targets. Mannheim is also closely related to our business through the “Monitoring and Insurance of Steam Boilers” founded in 1866, which was the predecessor of today’s Technical Control Associations, TÜV.

However, it is you, our participants, who are in the focus of this year´s VGB Congress 2012 - Security of Supply: Power Generation at the Crossroads? We would like to ask you to take the opportunity to discuss future developments and changes in the international electricity generation business and learn more about tomorrow’s ideas and trends.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the VGB Congress “Power Plants 2012”, the gathering of professionals of the European electricity and heat industry.