Strategic Forum Hydro

The Strategic Forum acts as a platform for networking and for the exchange of experience about the industry challenges of operators and manufacturers for high level executives in addition to the existing line organization of working committees.

The participants are mainly part of the top management in their companies and have a wide range overview about
  • the energy market situation in their own country and Europe,
  • the technical, environmental and economic challenges and
  • the strategies towards national policy makers and of the European Commission.
In its role as cross-industrial strategic committee the main tasks have been faced out:
  • Coordination of the interests of the European hydropower sector by synchronizing the requests, requirements and challenges.
  • Pursuit of lobbying and strategic goals of the operators and manufacturers in coordination with EURELECTRIC.
  • Assessments and statements with regard to the effects of regulations, statutes, standards and mandatory recommendations.
  • Organisation of the communication with authorities, commissions etc.
  • Ensuring exchange of findings and experience concerning general strategic and investment aspects.
  • Treatment of important generation-relevant aspects.
  • Initiation of joint European research and development projects.