Inspection, Maintenance and Refurbishment of Hydropower Plants

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Messezentrum Salzburg
Am Messezentrum 1, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
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Innovative approaches to the operations and maintenance (O&M) of hydropower facilities are needed to ensure optimal performance. Poor operations and maintenance, through a lack of investment, inadequate training or outdated approaches, can cause high outage rates, performance losses and increased operating costs. This can lead to lost energy production, reduced revenues and in some cases result in safety and environmental concerns.

Choosing whether to maintain or upgrade hydropower plant components can be difficult. Poor original equipment reliability can force changes, but often a detailed cost-benefit analysis is needed to make decisions. Understanding how others have tackled this process can help ensure success at your plant. Risk-based approaches allow an efficient prioritization based on highest risk, cost reduction and fast risk identification.

The VGB expert workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of maintaining hydropower assets and aims at transferring knowledge in order to benefit from innovative and newly developed approaches. It will mainly highlight the following topics:

  • Technical products facilitating maintenance
  • Software tools
  • Approved maintenance approaches
  • Condition monitoring

You will learn from experts of leading manufacturer companies about their newest developments and opportunities for the maintaining of your hydropower fleet. This may help you in decision making and in finding O&M strategy solutions in your company.

We would be very pleased to welcome you to Salzburg in order to jointly optimise the maintenance of hydro power plants.

  • Programme
    (Subject to revision)

    Last update: 10 September 2018

    Friday, 30 November 2018
    09:00 Welcome and opening of the workshop
    Dr. M. Bachhiesl (VGB PowerTech e.V.)
    09:10 Keynote Speech: Current challenges of operators in predictive and preventive maintenance
    C. Rupp (Kelag AG); W. Kofler (TIWAG); Dr. K. Wimmer (VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH)
    09:30 SESSION 1: Facilitating maintenance
      Assessment of fatigue loaded components in hydro power plants
    Prof. S. Weihe (MPA Stuttgart)
      Proactive maintenance the approach to save plant operation
    S. Bolz (Hydac International GmbH)
      Asset Life Cycle Service
    C. Steinmaßl (Voith Hydro Holding GmbH)
    Panel Discussion, Q&A Session
    11:05 Coffee break
    11:25 SESSION 2: Optimising performance
      Digital Hydro Asset Performance Management from GE. Enabling intelligent asset strategies to optimize performance
    A. Neuhold (GE Austria GmbH)
      Innovative solution to optimise performance, risk and cost of hydropower plants
    Dr. O. Bernard (OXAND Switzerland)
      From a digital to an efficient construction site – a large hydropower plant case study
    G. Laher (ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH); T. Roithmaier (Insite IT GmbH)
    Panel Discussion, Q&A Session
    13:00 Lunch Break and opportunity to visit the Exhibition
    14:15 SESSION 3: Condition monitoring systems
      From a proper condition assessment to a smart operation and maintenance strategy
    Dr. I. Egger-Konrad (ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH)
      Improving asset management with condition monitoring systems
    A. Kapović (KONČAR - Electrical Engineering Institute, Inc.)
      How monitoring systems helps reducing the TCO of waterpower plants
    M. Döbert; L. Dault (Mersen Deutschland FFM AG)
    Panel Discussion, Q&A Session
    15:50 Summary and closing words
    16:00 End of the workshop