TG Interface Power Plant - Grid

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European and national activities directly at the interface between power plants and the grid, together with changes in political targets and in the grid technology and operation are having direct repercussions on the power plants (generation facilities).

The role of VGB is to react for technical issues in consultation processes or assistance in opinion-forming processes at the responsible bodies.

In individual cases for the pending topics one has to decide, if an individual VGB position have to be communicated to the relevant bodies, or cooperation with and contributions to comments by EURELECTRIC or BDEW are more appropriate.

Project Groups

  • Network Codes
  • German Regulation

Current Topics

  • Grid usage and grid connection of Power Plants in general (technical)
  • System Services (primary control, secondary control, minute reserve, reactive power, black start)
  • National implementation on the ENTSO-E Network Codes,>br> Participation in the European Stakeholder Committees “Grid Connection” and “System Operation”
    • Expert Groups and Workshops
    • Exchange of National procedures and the solutions
    • Support with arguments against unacceptable decisions
    • Identification of topics with demand of VGB/EURELECTRIC-Input
  • Suggestions for common conditions (frameworks) regarding system service agreements, Sharing knowledge inside VGB
  • Overview and Suggestions for European handling for compensation of reactive power

Interface Power Plant-Grid