VGB PowerTech Journal

- International technical journal for power and heat generation

International leading technical journal

VGB PowerTech is among the leading international technical journals for power plant operation and engineering. 11 bilingual German/English issues per year reflect on all important current topics of power and heat generation with qualified technical papers and latest news.

Technical review guarantees quality

VGB PowerTech is highly renowned and well reputed among international experts since all technical papers to be published in VGB PowerTech are reviewed by VGB.

Focus of papers

The papers focus on planning, construction and operation of power plants particularly in terms of

  • Operational and plant safety,
  • Economic efficiency,
  • Environmental compatibility,
  • Research and development as well as application of new technologies,
  • Environmental compatibility of different technologies and
  • Relevant legislation.

Technical organ

VGB PowerTech Service GmbH, publisher of technical scientific documentation, publishes VGB PowerTech, the organ of VGB PowerTech e.V., the International technical association for generation and storage of power and heat.

International Standard Serial Number - ISSN

ISSN 1435-3199