KELI - Conference for Electrical Engineering, I&C and IT in generation plants

2020-11-23 - 2020-11-25
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Maritim Hotel Bremen
Hollerallee 99, 28215 Bremen
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350.00 € - 1,250.00 €
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On-site conceptt

To ensure the health and safety of all of us, a hygiene concept has been prepared and is regularly checked together with the Maritim Hotel and the local authorities.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bremen.

Every two years, VGB PowerTech organises the KELI – Technical Conference on Electrical Engineering, I&C and Information Technologies in the energy supply. The KELI addresses operators, planners, service providers and suppliers of all generation plant technologies as well as universities, insurers and authorities. Current questions and solutions can be presented in lectures and discussed with international experts. The presentations will be accompanied by a technical exhibition with notable manufacturers and suppliers as well as an social programme. Both offer excellent opportunities for an exchange of ideas and for the expansion of business and personal contacts.

The KELI 2020 will also be a platform to discuss the technical challenges caused by the current energy policy.

The major topics will be:

  • The impact of the changing energy mix on generation plants (operation management (dispatch), market models, system stability)
  • New challenges by Industry 4.0, digitisation, IT security for engineers in electrical engineering, process control and information technology

Lectures and discussions with the focus on the following topics are expected:

  • Flexible operation of generation and storage plants in changed grid and market situation
  • Provision of System Services
  • New regulatory frame conditions and their consequences
  • Technical developments in Electrical Engineering, I&C and Information Technology
  • Operation, maintenance, monitoring, tests and lifecycle concepts
  • IT Security
  • Digitisation, Industry 4.0, Big Data applications


All employees high-voltage technology, instrumentation & control engineering, measurement and control technology, information technology, IT security, grid connection and comparable in the operation and maintenance of energy plants/power stations are addressed.

The target groups are engineers from administrative departments and plants, but also masters, foremen and clerks with comparable responsibilities.

  • Programme

    (Subject to changes)
    Conference language: German
    Simultaneous translation into English if required

    Programme overview:

    Last update: 28 July 2020

    Monday, 23 November 2020
    15:00 Technical visit – Hybrid power plant / Combined heat and power station Hastedt
    17:00 Registration
    19:00 Evening event
    Get together in the exhibition, catering will be arranged
    Tuesday, 24 November 2020
      Plenary Lectures | Room Kaisen
    Conference Opening
    Dr. Oliver Then, VGB PowerTech e.V., Essen
    VGB activities electrical engineering, I&C and information technologies in the energy supply
    Joachim von Graeve, Uniper Technologies GmbH, Gelsenkirchen
    VGB in the Future Energy System
    Dr. Oliver Then, VGB PowerTech e. V., Essen
    Coal withdrawel versus security of supply
    Prof. Dr. Harald Schwarz, Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
    The H2-storage power plant
    Prof. Dr. Harald Weber, Universität Rostock
    11:00 Visit of the Technical Exhibition – Coffee break
      Section 1 ι Room Kaisen
    Digitalisation I
    Chair: Marcus Schönwälder, Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG
    Are we still automating or are you already digitising?
    The essence of industry 4.0

    Jan Koltermann, Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG, Cottbus
    “Combustion 4.0” – Integrated model-based optimisation of power plant operation
    Dr. Martin Habermehl, aixprocess GmbH, Aachen
    MIM versus Google – generation dependent handling of data in a power plant
    Hans Karl Preuss, GABO IDM mbH, Erlangen
      Section S2 ι Rooml Focke-Wulf
    Ancillary Services
    Chair: Frank Körnert, Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG
    Operation experiences and optimisation of large battery systems
    Diego Hidalgo Rodriguez, STEAG Energie Services GmbH, Essen
    Black start procedure of a CHP plant in district system Berlin
    Thomas Lehmann, Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG
    Ancillary services with H2-storage power plants
    Martin Töpfer, Universität Rostock
    13:00 Lunch – Visit of the Technical Exhibition
    15:00 Visit of the Technical Exhibition – Coffee break
      Section 3 ι Room Kaisen
    IT-Security I – regulatory guidelines
    Chair: Peter Riedijk, RWE Generation NL, Geertruidenberg/Niederlande
    The new cyber security act and the new IT-Security-Law 2.0
    Prof. Stefan Loubichi, KSG Kraftwerks-Simulator-Gesellschaft mbH, GfS Gesellschaft für Simulatorschulung mbH, Essen
    Anything to notice?
    Carolin Wagner, Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik BSI, Bonn
    Countering cyber risks, detecting attacks
    Stefan Menge, Freies Institut für IT-Sicherheit e. V., Bremen
      Section S4 ι Room Focke-Wulf
    IT-Security II – implementation experiences
    Chair: Andreas Jambor, RWE Power AG, Essen
    Between man and algorithm – raising user acceptance and practicability of self-learning anomaly detection systems in power plants (BMBF project WAIKIKI)
    Franka Schuster, Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
    Cyber security regulation – perspectives of operators and suppliers
    Frederic Buchi, Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co. KG, Erlangen
    Cyber Security: Process data on a safe journey
    Richard Biala, ABB AG, Mannheim
    16:50 Panel Discussion | Room Kaisen
    IT Security Law 2.0
    Chair: Jakob Menauer, EnBW Baden-Württemberg AG, Altbach
    Operators´ statement
    Andreas Jambor, RWE Power AG, Essen
    17:00 bis 18:00 Panel Discussion ι How can we shape the transformation process?
    with speakers from the sections on IT security
    19:30 Evening event in the Ratskeller
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    Wednesday, 25 November 2020
      Section 5 ι Room Kaisen
    Regulatory Requirements
    Chair: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lens, Universität Stuttgart
    RoCoF-Requirements for generating units – parameter influences on the behaviour of turbo generators at an increasing rate of change of frequency
    Melanie Herzig, Hochschule Ruhr West, Bottrop
    Challenges for the operation of conventional power plants in networks with high in-feed of wind and solar power
    Dr. Marios Zarifakis, ESB Generation & Wholesale Markets, Dublin/Irland
    Dynamic monitoring method for frequency containment reserve activation
    Philipp Maucher, Universität Stuttgart
      Section S6 ι Room Focke-Wulf
    Technical Development
    Chair: Prof. Dr. Jens Paetzold, Hochschule Ruhr West, Mülheim
    Optimal design of classical control systems
    Simon Fleischer, Universität Bremen
    Operation of virtual power plants: Connected plants
    Jan Weustink, Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co. KG, Erlangen
    Superconductors – the speed skaters of energy transfer
    Olaf Beuth, VPC GmbH, Vetschau, Dr. Wolfgang Reiser, Vision Electric Superconductors GmbH, Kaiserslautern
    10:30 Visit of the Technical Exhibition – Coffee break
      Section 7 ι Room Kaisen
    Operation, Maintenance, Monitoring
    Chair: Dr. Thomas Krüger, Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG, Cottbus
    Fit for future - replacement of a DR generator circuit-breaker with a new breaker-type - explained on a real project
    Branko Knezevic., Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Zürich/CH
    Operating resources in focus – effective asset management from maintenance management to asset management in the maintenance process
    Michael Lukas, Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG, Boxberg/Oberlausitz
    Basic safety and additional protection through “airbags” in the low-voltage switch-gears in Berlin-Reuter West HKW
    Holger Kuhlemann, Rolf Janssen GmbH Elektrotechnische Werke, Aurich
      Section S8 ι Room Focke-Wulf
    Technical Developments, Digitalisation
    Chair: Jakob Menauer, EnBW Baden-Württemberg AG, Altbach
    Control of a process plant with a neuronal network
    Frank Gebhardt, Uniper Technologies GmbH, Gelsenkirchen
    KI based digital assistance systems – operator in focus
    Harald Bruns, ABB AG, Mannheim
    Flexibility – damage, effects and trends, an evaluation of the VGB database KISSY
    Dr. Jörg M. Bareiß, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Stuttgart
    12:30 Lunch – visit of the Technical Exhibition
      Section 9 ι Room Kaisen
    Flexible Operation
    Chair: Simon Wanjek, Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG
    New storage technologies in the energy market
    Jan Weustink, Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co. KG, Erlangen
    Opportunities in the German energy market for the profitable operation of fossilpower plants
    Dr. Bernhard Meerbeck, Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co. KG, Erlangen
    Fuel conversion to biomass
    Peter Riedijk, RWE Generation NL, Geertruidenberg/Niederlande
      Section 10 ι Room Focke-Wulf
    Digitalisation II
    Chair: Joachim von Graeve, Uniper Technologies GmbH, Gelsenkirchen
    Digitisation projects – with the people for the people
    Axel Bürgers, Kraftwerksschule e. V., Essen
    Electronic clearing and information system eFIS
    David Röbbing, enercity AG, Hannover
    Enabling digitalisation with highly reliable private wireless networks – why and how to apply private LTE and 5G mobile technologies in power generation?
    Manfred Bürger, Nokia, Vienna/Austria
    15:30 Concluding remarks
    Joachim von Graeve, Uniper Technologies GmbH, Gelsenkirchen
    15:40 Farewell coffee
    16:00 End of the event
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  • Students Forum


    (Subject to revision)

    Registration: Conference Office
    • Monday, 23 November 2020, 17:00 – 19:00
    • Tuesday, 24 November 2020, 08:00 – 17:30

    Throughout the conference, students can obtain in­formation on career entry – direct entry, trainee pro­gram, diploma theses, internships – from the exhibi­tors and operators.
    Students are kindly invited to attend all lectures and the exhibition in accordance with the conference programme.
    The central meeting point for students is the Salon-Scharoun, where special activities are planned in two time windows.

    Programme overview:

    Tuesday, 24 November 2020
    14:00 - 15:00
    Students‘ forum ι Room Salon Scharoun
    by the programme committee KELI, opportunity for networking between students and company representatives.
    Wednesday, 25 November 2020
    13:15 - 14:00
    Students‘ forum ι Room Salon Scharoun
    Discussion and answering of agreed questions

    Practical information for students

    Participation in all conference events including catering, social programme and conference docu­ments is free of charge.

    • Online registration!
    • A copy of your valid students’ card by email or fax is unconditionally required!
    • VGB Research refunds travel expenses up to a maxi­mum amount of 200.– € (for verification please sub­mit copy of the railway-/flight-ticket or indicate kilo­meters, as the case may be; kilometer allowance is 0.20 €/km from university to conference and back).
    • VGB Research refunds hotel accommodation costs up to a maximum amount of 100.– € (2 overnight stays at 50.– €), or flatrate allowance of 20.– € per overnight stay (please submit hotel invoice etc.). To get your refund please register at the conference office. You will receive your conference documents and a refund form which you please send back to VGB completed and incl. all bills and receipts no later than 10 December 2020.

    Please note: Participation and cost refund can be granted only for a limited number of students

  • Venue

    ©Maritim Hotel Bremen

  • Hotel reservation

    At the conference Hotel an allotment of rooms is available under the keyword “KELI 2020”. Please make your reservation no later than 22 October 2020 directly at the Maritim Hotel & Congress Centrum Bremen. Later booking is subject to availability.

    Room rates:

    • Single room per night incl. breakfast
      • Standard EUR 115.00
      • Comfort EUR 130.00

    • Double room per night incl. breakfast:
      • Standard EUR 136.00
      • Comfort EUR 161.00

    If the hotel is fully booked resp. you prefer another hotel please try:

    VGB office regrets being unable to make reservations.

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