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The joint research project (VGB no. 251) was supported by funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology under sponsorship codes 0326882 A to D and 0326874. The responsibility for the contents of this publication rests with the authors.

Final publication of the five sub-projects in: VGB PowerTech 03/2008 , pp. 36 - 71 (printed in German, English papers available on this page for download). This publication comprises the following articles:

  • Helmut Meyer, Dieter Erdmann, Peter Moser, Sabine Polenz: KOMET 650 – Coal-fired Power Stations with Steam Temperatures up to 650 °C. Findings from a successful ten-year field test to examine materials for boiler tubes, pipes, turbines and valves.
  • Ralf Uerlings, Udo Bruch †, Helmut Meyer: KOMET 650 – Investigations of the Operational Behaviour of Boiler Materials and their Welded Joints at Temperatures up to 650 °C.
  • Peter Körner, Gereon Lüdenbach, Helmut Meyer, Konrad Peters, Ulrich Reiners: KOMET 650 – Findings on the Operational Behaviour of the Pipe Materials Used, and Assessment of the Overall Design in the Light of the Current Regulations.
  • Reinhard Knödler, Stefan Straub, Brendon Scarlin: KOMET 650 – Investigation of Materials for Use in Steam Turbines at Temperatures up to 650 °C.
  • Olaf Tebbenhoff, Dierk von Nordheim, Jochen Saß, Ingo Balkowski: KOMET 650 – Operational Experience with Control Valves in the High Temperature Range.

Final reports of the four sub-projects 0326882 A, B and D, as well as 0326874, are available on this page (in German only). The results of the sub-project 0326882 C (Alstom Power Systems GmbH) are summarised in an additional publication (printed in German in VGB PowerTech 09/2008 , pp. 112 – 118; English paper available on this page for download):

  • Reinhard Knödler, Stefan Straub and Brendon Scarlin: Oxidation of Steels and Coatings During Exposure in a Bypass of a Steam Power Plant at 605 - 637 °C: Correction and Investigations of the Morphology of the Layers.
Final Publication / Abschlussveröffentlichung
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VGB PowerTech Journal, March 2008, KOMET 650 (English version) PDF 2008-03-19 5.57 MB
VGB PowerTech Journal, März 2008, KOMET 650 (Deutsche Version) PDF 2008-10-17 11.59 MB
VGB PowerTech Journal, September 2008, KOMET 650 (Deutsche Version) PDF 2008-10-28 9.35 MB
VGB PowerTech Journal, September 2008, KOMET 650 (English version) PDF 2008-10-28 7.8 MB
Final Reports / Abschlussberichte
File Type Date Size
BMWi 0326874 (Welland & Tuxhorn AG) PDF 2008-10-20 1.35 MB
BMWi 0326882A (RWE Power AG) PDF 2008-09-30 86.2 MB
BMWi 0326882B (VGB PowerTech e. V.) PDF 2008-09-30 71.95 MB
BMWi 0326882D (Technip Germany GmbH) PDF 2008-10-20 0.23 MB