VGB CONGRESS - Innovation in Power Generation

Innovation in Power Generation

Innovation is often equated with ideas and inventions. Literally, however, innovation means “novelty” or “renewal”. And that is exactly what the future energy system is all about. Most technologies do not have to be reinvented, they already exist. However, the application and combination of technical solutions must be innovative in order to guarantee a secure and cost-effective energy supply in the future as well. Digitisation, decentralisation, democratisation and decarbonisation are the major trends of the coming years. Integration of renewables, generation flexi­bility, demand-side management, storage technologies, power-to-x, sector coupling and e-mobility will provide the technical basis. The innovative implementation of these options is the real challenge of the energy revolution.

We would like to take a closer look and dicuss it at the VGB Congress 2019, the industry meeting place for electricity and heat generation.

Under the motto

“Innovation in Power Generation”

we invite you to Salzburg. Salzburg, located in the alpine region, is certainly also a suitable location for discussing the energy system of the future. Where else does the combination of dispatchable renewable generation in run-of-river power plants and flexibility options in high-capacity storage facilities seem more obvious than here with the available hydropower!

An exciting and varied programme awaits you.

We look forward to seeing you and your innovative contributions at the VGB Congress 2019.

  • Programme

    (Subject to revision)

    Conference languages: German and English – simultaneous translation provided

    Last update: 26 August 2019

    Programme overview:

    Tuesday, 3 September 2019

    Get-together in the exhibition

    Get-together in the exhibition
    starting 18:00 until 21:00

    The VGB PowerTech and the exhibitors invite all participants to a get-together. Catering will be arranged.

    Use the opportunity to intensify your contacts and to have interesting conversations.

    Wednesday, 4 September 2019

    • Opening of the congress
    • Plenary session
      Motto: Motto: Innovation in Power Generation
      Chair: Sonja van Renssen, ep energy post, Belgium
      • Sektion V
        Utility Perspective
      • Sektion I
        Industry Perspective

    Thursday, 5 September 2019

    Technical Sessions


      Wednesday, 4 September 2019 - EUROPA SAAL
    09:00 Opening of the Congress
    Opening speech

    Dr. Hans Bünting, Chairman of the Board of Directors, VGB PowerTech e.V.

    Welcome addresses

    LH Stv. Dr. Heinrich Schellhorn
    Landeshauptmann-Stellvertreter, Land Salzburg

    Bgm.-Stv. Dr. Barbara Unterkofler LL.M.
    Bürgermeister-Stv. Stadt Salzburg

    VD Dr. Leonhard Schitter
    Präsident Oesterreichs Energie, CEO Salzburg AG, Salzburg, Österreich


    • Innovation Award
    10:00 Strategic reorientation of VGB – Status update
    Dr. Oliver Then, Executive Managing Director, VGB PowerTech e.V.
    Break in the exhibition

    Plenary Session - EUROPA SAAL

    Innovation in Power Generation - Utility Perspective

    Chair: Sonja van Renssen, ep energy post , Belgium

    (The abstracts were not edited by VGB and are printed as received by our authors. A click on the title of the lecture will lead you to the abstract.)

    Innovation in power generation
    Dr. Karl Heinz Gruber, VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH, Österreich, Spartensprecher Erzeugung von Oesterreichs Energie
    Digitalization @ Generation
    Dr. Peter Struckmann, Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH, Germany
    Introducing digital solutions for the operation of energy plants
    Dr. Georg-Nikolaus Stamatelopoulos, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Germany
    Innovation potentials for the future power supply
    Prof. Dr. Markus Haider, TU Wien, Österreich 
    Speaker V1 to V4 and Dr. Leonard Schitter
    Break in the exhibition
    Industry Perspective
    Chair: Sonja van Renssen, ep energy post, Belgien
    Innovations to manage the energy transition
    Erik Zindel, Dr. Norbert Henkel, Siemens AG, Germany
    Mission to Zero – on the route to CO2 neutrality
    Markus John, ABB AG, Germany
    EU Cybersecurity Act, IT Security Act 2.0 and the current cyber threats in the energy industry
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Loubichi, KMKRITIS − Kompetenzzentrum Managementsysteme Kritische Infrastrukturen c/o Simulatorzentrum, Germany
      Start-up presentations
    Leak detection using ultrasound imaging
    Walter Umbricht, Distran Ltd, Switzerland
    Combining AI and Digital Twin to diagnose plants in operations
    Aurélien Schwartz and Inès Allard de Grandmaison, METROSCOPE, France
    More electricity from less steam – The micro steam turbine MDT-300
    Martin Daft, TURBONIK GmbH, Germany
    15:15 Discussion
    Chair: Sonja van Renssen
    Break in the exhibition
    19:00 Welcome Evening
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      Thursday, 5 September 2019 - EUROPA SAAL
    Section A: Technologies for the Future
    (A click on the title of the lecture will lead you to the abstract.)
    Sector coupling – buzzword or future of the energy supply
    Prof. Dr. Ing. Wolfgang A. Benesch, STEAG Energy Services GmbH, Germany
    Hydrogen as energy-carrier of the future?
    Gerald Kinger, EVN AG,Austria
    80% effectiveness of renewable energy by innovative sector coupling and re-electrification with green hydrogen
    Uwe Neiß, Dr. Thomas Neuenhahn, Prof. Dr. Thomas Thiemann, Dr. Alexander Tremel, Siemens AG, Germany
    10:30 Break in the exhibition
    Section A: Technologies for the Future
    The project ALIGN-CCUS – A contribution to the evolutionary transformation process of energy and raw material supply through recycling of carbon
    Dr. Peter Moser, Dr. Sandra Schmidt, Dipl.-Ing. Knut Stahl; Dipl.-Ing. Georg Wiechers, RWE Power AG; Dr. Arthur Heberle, Dr. Muhammad Majid; Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH; Dipl.-Ing. Hiroshi Kakihira, Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH; Prof. Ralf Peters, M.Sc. Stefan Weiske, Dr. Petra Zapp, Dr. Stefanie Troy; Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH; M.Sc. Marcel Neumann, Dipl.-Ing. Bastian Lehrheuer; RWTH University; Dr. Thorsten Schnorbus, Dr. Sandra Glück, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Honecker; FEV Europe GmbH, Germany
    Latest trends in CO2-free hydrogen production technologies and the rise of hydrogen use – Overview and prospects on a global scale
    Prof. Dr. Emmanouil Kakaras, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH, Germany
    12:45 Break in the exhibition
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    Section B: Flexibility
    (A click on the title of the lecture will lead you to the abstract.)
    Alpine hydro power – support of the energy transition
    Orkan Akpinar, AGAW (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Alpine Wasserkraft) Schluchseewerk AG, Germany
    Nuclear and renewable alliance: getting along with flexibility
    Stéphane Feutry, Electricité de France (EDF), Generation Division, Christelle Le Maitre, Electricité de France (EDF), Research & Development; Patrick Morilhat, Electricité de France (EDF), Research & Development,  France
    15:00 Break in the exhibition
    Online training: one way to improve operator competence
    Patrik Marklund, Marklund Solutions AB, Sweden
    Security reserve Frimmersdorf
    P/Q: Trainingsprogram for operation crew

    Georg Bung, RWE Power AG; Horst-Günther Stürenburg, Kraftwerksschule e.V.; Rolf Hopf and Dominik Schwemm, RWE Power AG, Germany
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    Section E - LIGHTNING TALK  - Short Presentation with Discussion - KARAJAN SAAL
    Conference language English without simultaneous translation
    Section E: System Stability
    Ein Klick auf einen Vortragstitel führt zur Kurzfassung.
    Subsequent use of power plant sites for energy storage, sector coupling and stand-by power plants
    Dr. Christian Bergins and Torsten Buddenberg, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH, Germany
    Proof of wind turbine stability requirements in virtual grids and by real time simulation 
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Reuter, Leipniz Universität Hannover, Institut für Windenergiesysteme, Germany
    Virtual power plants – current and future applications
    Harald Altmann, Sascha Lüdge, Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG, Germany
    09:30 Discussion
    Chair: Sonja van Renssen
    10:30 Break in the exhibition
    Section E: Digitalisation
    The importance of Industrial Data Sharing as an enabler for digital innovation
    Patrick Poeten M.Sc., Fraunhofer – ISST, Germany
    Digitization. Which digital tools are already being used successfully in power plant maintenance today?
    Fabian Hohaus, Uniper Anlagenservice GmbH, Germany
    Smart generator inspection using artificial intelligence
    Bernhard Windisch, VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH, Austria
    11:45 Discussion
    Chair: Sonja van Renssen
    12:45 Break in the exhibition
    Section E3: Reduction of emissions
    Decarbonization with gas engines and CHP
    Dr. Klaus Payrhuber and Dr. Michael Url, INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & Co OG, Austria
    A case study simulating and quantifying flexibility for a heating power plant with heat and battery storage
    Rana Mitra, Wärtsilä Deutschalnd GmbH, Germany, Jan Andersson, Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Finland
    Requirements for peakers in volatile, renewable dominated gridsDr. Thorsten Krol, Siemens AG, Germany
    Hybrid power systems – sustainable solutions as integral part of the future energy landscape for industrial applications
    Norbert Maier, Lucas Brucker, Rolls Royce Power Systems / MTU Onsite Energy, Germany
    14:40 Discussion
    Chair: Sonja van Renssen
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  • Welcome Evening


    Austria’s sponsors cordially invite all congress participants to a welcome evening in the Residenz zu Salzburg.

    Residenz zu Salzburg


    This jewel in the middle of Salzburg’s old town with its unique architecture and richly equipped rooms served as a former palace complex of the Salzburg sovereigns and is considered one of the most magnificent venues of the present. In this special setting you can look forward to an informal and entertaining evening with Austrian culinary highlights and lots of opportunities for personal talks.

    You can reach the Residenz from the Salzburg Congress in about 15 minutes walking distance. Alternatively, you are welcome to use our shuttle.

    • 18:45 h: Shuttle from Salzburg Congress to the Residenz
    • 19:00 h: Welcome reception with aperitif, canapés and backround music - string players ensemble
    • 20:00 h: Opening and Welcome Adddress
    • 20:15 h: Flying four-course-menu with backround music - string players ensemble
    • 22:00 h: Exclusive opening of the DomQuartiers museum (up to midnight)
      • Cocktailbar and beer tasting in the Rittersaal (great hall)
      • Live-Saxophon ambience music
    • 01:00 h: End of event

    The exclusive opening of the DomQuartier DomQuartiers from 22:00 to 0:00 is a real highlight of this evening. We are very glad that we could manage to provide this for the guests.

  • Side Programme / Technical Visit

    Side Programme

    During the VGB Congress 2019 you will find an information counter of Salzburg Information in the entrance area of Salzburg Congress. Here you can receive all tourist inquiries about the city and the ‘Salzburg Congress Card’ as well as other tickets. Please book the tours the day before, otherwise the availability cannot be guaranteed.

    Salzburg Congress Card

    Salzburg Congress Card
      Salzburg Congress Card

    Salzburg Congress is literally just a stone’s throw away from Salzburg’s most important sights:
    Whether Mozart’s birthplace in the Getreidegasse, the Dom Quartier Salzburg, the Fortress Hohensalzburg or the Moderne Museum on the Mönchsberg. With the Salzburg Congress Card, these sights can be visited free of charge. Public transport is included (for example the Festungsbahn and the Untersbergbahn). The card is available for 72 hours and is valid for the duration of the congress.

    • Price: € 29 (instead of € 44)

    Salzburg City Tour

    Salzach Festung
      Salzach Festung

    Be enchanted by the charm of Mozart’s city on the one-hour city tour through Salzburg!
    This city tour takes you from Mirabell Palace through the Old Town, pass the Mozarteum University and Mozart’s residence. After crossing the Staatsbrücke, it goes into the heart of the baroque old town. You will get interesting information about the festival halls, St. Peter’s Abbey and the Salzburg Cathedral as well as Rokkoko Palace Leopoldskron. You stop for a photo at the lake, opposite the Castle Leopoldskron. The tour ends at the point of departure, the ‘Mirabellplatz’.

    • from Mirabellplatz | departures: every hour 10 am to 5 pm
    • Price: € 19 | duration: 1 h

    City Tour on Mozart’s tracks

    City Tour on Mozart’s tracks
      Auf Mozarts Spuren

    Walk in the footsteps of Mozart and learn about all important historical backgrounds of the baroque city of Salzburg during our 1.5-hour city tour. Discover unique buildings such as the Salzburg Cathedral, the festival district, St. Peter or the summer residence of Archbishop Markus Sittikus-Hellbrunn Palace, Leopoldskron Palace and Frohnburg Castle, both known from the movie “The Sound of Music”. The highlight of this tour is the entrance to Mozart’s house, where you can enjoy for an hour the history of the Mozart family.

    • Departures: 9 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 14 pm, 15 pm,
    • Price: € 28 | duration: 2.5 h

    Technical Visit

    Sohlstufe Lehen Hydropower Plant

    Sohlstufe Lehen Hydropower Plant
      Sohlstufe Lehen

    The Sohlstufe Lehen hydropower plant in the heart of the Salzburg conurbation is characterised by modern architecture and ecological features.
    The supporting power plant was built underneath the former riverbed step in Salzburg‘s Lehen district and has been supplying electricity to 23,000 households since 2013.
    In the framework of a competition the design by the architects Erich Wagner and Max Rieder found acceptance. The Sohlstufe Lehen power plant with its striking concrete beaks on the weir piers and the powerhouse on the left side of the Salzach lies at the height of the Glanspitz between Lehen/Liefering and Itzling.
    The power plant ensures the passability of the Salzach for fish as required by the EU. Sealing walls on the banks of the Salzach and an underground drainage system on the right-hand side of the Salzach ensure that the groundwater rises more slowly in the event of flooding.
    On the Glanspitz site, a new local recreation area was created with an accompanying stream, large children‘s playgrounds, meadows and reclining facilities. Pedestrians and cyclists can cross the Salzach over the bridge at the power plant.

    Information on the visit

    • Meeting point: 09:00 Salzburg Congress
    • Max. number of participants: 60
    • Duration: 09:00 to 12:00 h

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    Hotel online booking
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