LWR Chemistry


  • Zinc dosage in primary cycle
  • WANO Performance indicator chemistry
  • Consequences from WANO Peer Reviews
  • Dosage of oxygen in water separator and reheater
  • Exchange of experience regarding corrosion in pipelines of the hydrazine dosing system
  • Destruction of H2O2 in the fuel element basins
  • Use of corrosion inhibitors/antifreezing compounds in diesel circuits
  • Use of hollow fibre filters
  • Information about the lubrication ability of fuel oil when using diesel standby set units
  • Conservation of steam generators
  • Use of gel dryers containing chloride
  • Detection of lead in diesel oil
  • Use of platinum catalysts for the reduction of radiolysis gas
  • Detection possibility of radiolysis gas
  • Check of catalysts
  • Application of noble metal
  • Dosage of hydrogen
  • Use of organic reducing agents
  • Manipulation of steam moisture
  • Stabilisation of fuel elements
  • Survey regarding CCP cleaning
  • Survey regarding reactor purifier
  • Exchange of experience regarding the handling of fuel element damages
  • Disassembly of nuclear power plants
  • Recommendations of the working panel to member companies


  • Technical advice
  • Exchange of experience across member companies

Current Topics

  • Elaboration and updating of VGB-Standards (Guidelines to Order):
    • Water in nuclear power plants with light-water reactors
      VGB-R401, Third Edition 2006 (only available in German)