TG Maintenance Management


  • Exchange and evaluation of experience
  • Comparison of auditing and inspection programmes, particularly for new developments in the plant and machine sectors
  • Evaluation of the audits carried out to provide characteristic values and other comparison possibilities that can be used to optimise the auditing activities
  • Treatment of typical (system) errors (weak-point analysis)
  • Evaluation of newly developed techniques in the fields of:
    • inspection
    • repair
    • maintenance
    • plant management systems
with the objective of an evaluative assessment and a recommendation for application in the plants
  • Assessment of maintenance strategy
  • Organisation of the Conference "Maintenance"
  • Safety culture
  • Training and qualification

Current Topics

  • The future of maintenance management due to changing boundary conditions:
    • Shortened budgets and personal,
    • volatile feeding,
    • falling operating hours.
  • Elaboration and updating of VGB-Standards (Guidelines to Order):
    • Maintenance-compatible documentation
      VGB-S-029-S-00;2012-03-EN, First Edition 2012
    • Recommendation for the Introduction of Risk Based Maintenance
      VGB-M130e, First Edition 2004
    • Considering the needs of maintenance when constructing new power plant units
      VGB-M131e, First Edition 2007