TC Materials and Quality Assurance

Terms of Reference

  • Exchange of experience
    • Materials development concepts for the new power plant generation
    • Quality inspection of new building power stations
    • Pressure Equipment Directive, standardization
    • Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health - BetrSichV, online monitoring
    • Association agreements

Current Topics

  • Stress corrosion cracking in T24
  • The following VGB-Standards are in revision:
    • VGB-S-013 (formerly VGB-R501)
      Manufacturing as well as monitoring of construction and assembly of steam boiler installations
    • VGB-S-110
      Heat exchanger and boilers in the steam-water cycle of thermal power plants
    • VGB-S-507 (formerly VGB-R507)
      Ordering of tube systems in thermal power plants
  • The following VGB-Standards are published:
    • VGB-S-170-R-41;2012-07.EN
      Selection of measuring and sampling lines for water and steam sector in thermal power stations
    • VGB-S-109-00-2012-09-DE-EN
      Material specification for components under pressure in fossil-fired power plants
    • VGB-S-506-R-00;2012-03.EN
      CoCondition Monitoring and Inspection of Components of Steam Boiler Plants, Pressure Vessel Installations and High-Pressure Water and Steam Pipes
  • R&D projects supported by the Technical Committee:
research projects
Project-No. Brief Description
251 Materials Testing under Operating Conditions II (KOMET 650) (Continuation 183)
260 Esbjerg Test Rig
261 COMTES700
266 Lifetime Assessment of 12 % Cr Steels III (Continuation 233)
268 COMTES700-Turbine Valve
269 Feasibility Study: NDT of Creep Pores
281 Material Qualification (MARCKO 700)
290 Creep Tests from AD700-1
296 COORETEC, TD-1: NDT of Nickel-based Alloys
297-1 Qualification of Alloy 740 weldment and cold bending
297-2 Qualification of Alloy 617 thick-walled superheater tubes
(weld, bend, creep)
297-3 Qualification of Alloy 617 centrifugal casted pipe
(manufac., weld, bend, creep)
301 Creep Rupture Behaviour after Cold-forming (Continuation 241)
314 New Materials for Steam Turbines IV (Continuation 259)
316 Long-term Characteristics of Heat-resistant Steels II (Data Mining), (Continuation 273)
318 Delta Ferrite
17-07 725 High-temperature Material Tests GKM (725 HWT GKM)
04/08 725 °C valve test (increase 17/07 - 725 HWT GKM)
08/09 Extension 301 -
Creep Rupture Behaviour after Cold-forming of Alloy 740
Here you can find all ongoing and concluded research projects for fossil-fired Power Plants supported by VGB.