Heinrich-Mandel Prize 2011

The Board of Trustees of the VGB-FORSCHUNGSSTIFTUNG awarded the Heinrich-Mandel Prize 2011 to

  • Sebastian Meinke and Christian Ziems, University of Rostock, for the analysis of the effect on conventional power plants of increasing intermitting power supply by renewables.

The Heinrich-Mandel Prize, endowed with a total of 10,000 Euro, was handed over by the VGB chairman on the occasion of the VGB Congress "Power Plants 2011" on September 21, 2011 in Berne/Switzerland.

Meinke_ZiemsGerd Jäger is awarding the 2011 Heinrich-Mandel Prize to Christian Ziems (l) and Sebastian Meinke (r)

The increasing intermitting power supply by renewables is a challenge for the operators of power plants, because of the effects on the operational mode of conventional power plants.

Sebastian Meinke and Christian Ziems analyzed, by a model and different scenarios, the effect of increasing power supply by intermitting renewables to conventional power plants. The developed model allows predictions of the future marketability of conventional power plants, assessment of retrofit demands on existing power plants and demands on the design of new power plants. It is also possible to determine the limits of the system compatible integration of intermitting generation.